Your Guide to Where to Stay in Rome

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This is your summer to let it rip. Maybe it’s the South of France, as you need you some rosé all day. Or Ibiza, which is back full tilt, with some of the best DJs in residence this year. And you can’t forget Italy, as gelato and summer go hand in hand. Whether you plan to be in Capri, Florence, or Sicily, Italy is the place to be. And a stop in Rome is always a good idea, especially when you put these hotels on your list. This is your guide to where to stay in Rome.

The Eden

Think of The Eden as the grand dame luxury hotel in Rome where the elegant service is so Italian it hurts. It’s a jewel box about seven minutes from the Spanish Steps on a discreet side street so you are close enough to the action but not in the middle of every tourist taking photos. So it tends to attract a very discreet clientele, like A-listers who don’t want you to know that they’re in Rome. One of The Eden’s best features is the Michelin star restaurant, La Terrazza, serving elevated Mediterranean cuisine with some amazing views of the city. Another highlight and insider secret is the rooftop bar and lounge that has a DJ on weekends. 

The Hassler

The Hassler is located practically right at the top of the Spanish Steps, which is where it gets its byline, “stairway to heaven.” This five star luxury hotel offers 87 decadent rooms and suites, each individually decorated. This is a very rich opulent hotel with a beautiful garden at the front to have tea and lunch. Imágo, their Michelin star restaurant, combines a seasonal menu of Italian cuisine with panoramic views of the city. The Hassler also boasts of a spa and wellness center, a fitness center, and even a hair salon. The hotel is known for its hospitality and is also a great space for events and conferences. If it gives you indication, this is where Tom Cruise had his wedding. The Hassler is where the paparazzi hang out when there are big celebrity events in town.

The Russie

The Russie’s claim to fame is that it has the most iconic garden in all of Rome. It will never go out of style because it’s the place to go for late afternoon teas or evening drinks, where you can sit in the patio ensconced under trees. Before a new slew of hotels opened up, The Russie was always at the top of the list of places to stay in Rome. In fact, The Russie held the top spot to stay in town until its peers like The Eden got renovated. But, what’s unique about this hotel is how it blends its classical environment with a contemporary design. The Russie is also located right by the Piazza de Popolo, the famous square with the celebrity filled restaurant, Dal Bolognese.

Holy Deer

This one is an inside place where you essentially get an entire Roman apartment to yourself. That is, if you can afford it and are able to get a booking, Holy Deer is super exclusive. Everything about this place is decadent with Baroque interiors and frescos that make you feel like a royal. This is the place you stay at if you want complete and utter privacy. Holy Deer essentially turns their hotel into your own private residence. It includes multiple bedrooms, a dining room, lounge room, a piano room, and even its own whirlpool. 

Fendi Suites

If there’s a hotel that has every detail perfect it’s The Fendi Suites. This small boutique hotel is located on the top floors of the Fendi store in Rome. They offer seven private suites that combine different eras of Italian eras and styles while prioritizing luxury. Eataly does the mini bar and the suites have top notch products that they gift you. The thing about Fendi Suites is unlike other hotels that fall over themselves to welcome you, Fendi Suites lets you know you are lucky to be staying there. The service is “nice” but it won’t be the classic Italian hospitality that some of the others spots on this list have. Essentially, this is a hotel run by the beautiful people for the beautiful people so if you are up for it this will be a glamorous place to stay.

The Soho House

This just opened in Rome and is one of the hottest places in the city where all the cool people are congregating. But, you have to have a Soho House membership in order to stay here. Situated in a ten story building in San Lorenzo, Soho House Rome is far away from the touristy areas and is a lot more local. The space has 49 bedrooms and 20 long stay apartments. There is, of course, a rooftop with a pool and bar that has great views of the city. This Soho House also has a screening room, a health club, drawing room, and a restaurant that specializes in Northern Italian cuisine. 

Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria is the hotel for people traveling with families who want a place with a pool and all the luxury amenities. So, when your kids are tired of all the sightseeing and walking you can set them up at the pool and relax. This Waldorf Astoria is located on the top of a hill in a fifteen acre park. It feels like you are both in Rome but also away from the hustle and bustle, so know you will probably have to use a car service to get anywhere. The suites are outfitted with antique furniture and rare artwork. There is also Heinz Beck’s famous La Pergola restaurant, which is Rome’s first and only 3 star Michelin restaurant. 

The St.Regis

If you got points to burn or you get a corporate rate this is the place to stay. This St.Regis is located in a 1894 palazzo (palace), with renovations that honor the legacy of the space. It aims to blend a nobleness from the old world with interiors that are elegant and artful. Each suite has Rubelli fabrics, handmade glass, and thoughtful decorations that are a signature of the hotel. Their restaurant, Lumen Cocktails and Cuisine, is open for every meal and is a great place to relax after a day of sightseeing. In 2020 they partnered with Galleria Continua to create a new permanent exhibition space within the hotel to form new encounters between the public and art.

Piazza di Spagna

This one is a gem that we almost don’t want to write about because it is such a great deal. Piazza di Spagna is where you go if you want to stay in a beautiful hotel without breaking the bank. It is family run and in an amazing location right by the Spanish Steps that make you really appreciate what it has to offer. The baroque architecture creates an environment that feels Italian while the interiors are outfitted with a more modern aesthetic. Their rooftop terrace is the perfect place to start your mornings with a coffee before going out into one of the most famous neighborhoods of the city. 

Coming Soon: The Six Senses

Just needed to add this one because it’s coming soon and anyone who knows The Six Senses knows that this is a highly anticipated opening. Stay tuned, we will cover this one in a future feature.

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