Six Luxury Trains Around the World

Writer, Rohan Vasa

Luxury Trains Belmond Bedroom

There was a time when traveling to a destination was as special as the destination itself. Whether by plane or train, the champagne flowed and you were welcomed aboard like a civilized human being. Meals were an exquisite occasion, and your sleeper cars were jewel boxes of luxury to tour the world. In a nutshell, travel was just plain glamorous. Well, you can have that again now, and perhaps better, on these luxury trains around the world. Because why not have an experience when you travel between Paris and Venice. Or throughout Japan, so that when they say seven stars, you know it’s going to be next level. Yoga pants are fine and all for pandemics and well, yoga. So, live a lot– break out that pocket square and evening gown when you travel on these luxury trains around the world.

Traveling by train is still one of the most romantic ways to see the world. On a train, it is less about getting from one point to another and more about the journey in itself. Getting the chance to slow down and really see the place you’re moving through enriches your experience of it. It deepens your understanding of time, as you pass by towns and scenic landscapes, seeing people get off and on along the way. These six train rides stir the imagination, they take you back to the old-world elegance and style that first made riding trains luxurious. Each of these six trains not only has stunning views out the window but also chic interiors on the inside. Here are six luxury trains around the world that will make you want to travel across the land for your next adventure.

orient express
Image courtesy of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Train: The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

The Region: Europe

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the most famous luxury train, having inspired countless books and movies that have in turn mythologized its grandeur. The iconic train was restored to its 1920s glory by Belmond and includes carts with an Art Deco interior. There are many routes throughout Europe you can take ranging from London to Istanbul. Many of their route options are for one night, with destinations like Paris, Venice, Genoa, Amsterdam, Vienna, and more. However, there are also longer route options that stop in some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Each carriage has its own distinct style, all of them exuding elegance. Choose from different accommodation options ranging from cozy cabins to luxury suites. For food, ingredients are sourced along the way, meaning you’ll get to taste fresh delicacies from different parts of Europe. After dinner enjoy piano at the Champagne Bar or Midnight Brunch for your late-night entertainment.

andean explorer
Image courtesy of the Andean Explorer, A Belmond Train

The Train: Andean Explorer, A Belmond Train

The Region: Peru

The Andean Explorer, another luxury train by Belmond, takes passengers through the scenic landscapes of Peru. South America’s first-ever luxury sleeper train begins its journey in the capital of Cusco. From here it travels into the Andean Plains along the world’s highest rail network. The route continues with a stop in Puno, a city on the banks of Lake Titicaca, before finishing in Arequipa. You can choose between four variations of this journey ranging between one and two nights. The train has sixteen luxury carts designed in the spirit of the land with earthy tones and materials like alpaca wool. There are thirty-five cabins in addition to two dining cars, a lounge car, and a spa car. In the dining cars, you’ll find a variety of authentic Peruvian dishes. Enjoy pisco sours while listening to live music in the lounge car or get a massage in the spa car.

Rovos Rail
Image courtesy of Rovos Rail

The Train: Rovos Rail

The Region: Africa

The Rovos Rail is considered one of the most luxurious trains in the world. They offer a series of journeys across Africa ranging from forty-eight hours to fifteen days. In addition, there are off-train excursions along the way which give you a chance to experience parts of Africa up close. These routes will showcase the best of Southern Africa’s scenery and wildlife, presenting passengers with a collage of landscapes and experiences. Move from national parks and reserves to scenic coastal routes, from stretches of grassland to natural wonders like Victoria Falls. Each train includes accommodation cars, dining cars, a lounge car, a gift shop, a smoking lounge, and an observation car. There are three types of suites that each include luxury amenities, twin or double beds, and an en-suite shower and bathroom. Dining is at set times, presenting four-course meals with some of South Africa’s finest wines.

sevens stars
Image courtesy of Sevens Stars

The Train: Seven Stars

The Region: Kyushu, Japan

Trains in Japan are a thing of wonder, but the Seven Stars passenger train takes things to another level. This train is all about exclusivity. It only has ten suites and room for just twenty passengers which makes getting a spot on it a hard thing to come by. There is a lottery system in place that requires prospective passengers to apply for a spot. But, if you make it on this train it will truly be the experience of a lifetime. The route takes passengers on a journey around Kyushu, one of Japan’s southernmost islands. There is both a two-day option and a four-day option that show you both the mountains and the seaside. Each cabin is made up of extensive wood paneling and decorated with Japanese furnishings, fabrics, and amenities. Relax in the Blue Moon Lounge Car and eat locally sourced meals in the Jupiter Dining Car.

Maharajas’ Express
Image courtesy of Maharajas’ Express

The Train: Maharajas’ Express

The Region: India

The Maharajas’ Express has won multiple awards over the years. They offer three different 7-day routes to choose from which include stops in places like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Varanasi, Ranthambore, and Mumbai amongst others. There is also a shorter 4-day route which begins and ends in Delhi after making different stops along the way. Some highlights include visiting the Taj Mahal, going on tiger safaris, and stopping at holy cities. The Maharajas’ Express operates from October to April in order to avoid the warm Summer months and monsoons. Being one of the most luxurious trains, passengers choose from decked-out cabins or suites that come with their own butler. The interiors of the trains’ different cars exhibit traditional Indian colors, ornaments, furniture, and designs. There are two restaurants that serve Indian and International cuisines as well as a lounge car.

The Rocky Mountaineer
Image courtesy of The Rocky Mountaineer

The Train: The Rocky Mountaineer

The Region: North America

The Rocky Mountaineer is known for its glass-dome cars that allow passengers unparalleled views of the Rockies. This mountain range is the largest mountain system in North America, stretching from British Columbia to New Mexico. The Rocky Mountaineer presents four different train routes to choose from. These routes are designed to showcase different parts of the Rockies while immersing you in its history. Three of these routes start from Vancouver heading east, while the fourth is in the United States. Additionally, if you can’t decide between routes you have the option to combine two in what they call a “circle journey.”Although these trains don’t have sleeper cars, certain packages have hotel stays at all the midpoint destinations. The Gold Leaf service gets you an exclusive outdoor viewing platform, gourmet meals, complimentary beverages, and snacks. There are also off-train excursions which include tours of nature and wildlife.

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