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Trainspotting – The Orient-Express

Christine Drinan, Founder

In case you didn’t get the memo, the golden age of travel is back. And we mean that cities like Paris have never been more glamorous. Venice is as magical as ever. And Vienna, the dark horse of imperial destinations, will make you wonder why it took so long to get there. So what if there was a way to connect all these cities and travel like you could in the Roaring ’20s? Well, there is, and it’s called the Simplon-Orient-Express. Otherwise known as the most luxurious train in Europe.


Belmond’s fully restored train adventure through Europe is back, and now has winter journeys on tap. There is just something cool about getting dressed to the nines for dinner, and keeping the bar open all night. This party doesn’t end until you tell it to. And, in between, taking in a midnight brunch of lobster rolls and truffled club sandwiches. Because that’s what you do on the Orient-Express. It’s not called the most luxurious train in Europe for nothing.

A Place to Rest Your Head

On this luxury ride, you’ll have a plush place to rest your head during the evenings. All cabins on the Orient-Express are done up in a 1920s Deco style. Depending on your palate and wallet, your choices range from an entry-level cabin to a grand suite. The cabins start at around $2,920 per person and are converted from a sitting area during the day to a bedroom at night. The suites, running at about $6,042 per person, are the mid-tier rooms and will be available beginning June 2023 or thereabouts. The most luxurious spaces are the grand suites, which have a full bedroom, a separate sitting and dining area, and 24-hour butler service. Because obviously at this tier, you’re not going to be fetching your own champagne.


Of all the virtues of the Orient-Express, the dining car may be where you’ll spend most of your time. As you would expect from the most luxurious train in Europe, as well as from Belmond, they aren’t holding back in the culinary program. Bartenders mix classic cocktails day and night. There may not be a better place to order up a Vesper. The philosophy for lunch is lavish, and for dinner it’s extravagant. That means a multi-course affair in both cases, and the staff aren’t stingy with ingredients like caviar, truffles, and lobster. It’s about living it up while you’re on the Orient-Express.


There are currently 56 routes on the Orient-Express, and most excursions run one night. You can connect from Paris to Venice, Paris to Rome, Venice to London, London to Vienna. The routes pretty much cover the major cities as you enjoy the setting of an Agatha Christie novel. From London to Budapest takes four nights; and the longest route, from Paris to Istanbul, takes five.

To Book

Pricing starts at about $2,920 per person, double occupancy. The Orient-Express is good for couples looking for a unique getaway. This type of experience would also be a killer celebration for a group of friends and/or family. Consider taking every cabin on the train. Message us at [email protected], and we’ll hook you up with the most luxurious train in Europe.

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