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Christine Drinan, Founder

Before a restaurant even opens, you’ve already been there. You were at friends and family at San Sabino. And of course you have the coveted membership at ZZ’s Club. You’re just dialed into the NYC restaurant scene. Sometimes though, you want to skip all the nonsense and fussy food. You want a solid standby, and in this case, you’re looking for one of the better restaurants in Union Square. That may just be Oceans, a seafood restaurant by a group out of Vancouver. This is the review.


Oceans is a rare restaurant in NYC that has square footage comparable to a place in Houston, Dallas or Chicago. In other words, the space is massive. It’s a positive addition to the restaurants in Union Square with its sleek and modern space and always full bar and dining room. The noise level is lively but yet you can hear your dinner companion and you’re not sitting on top of the next table. Oceans is a solid standby option when you’re in a pinch and in need of food in the area. You can drop in last minute for the bar or try to get one of the 200+ seats in the restaurant. At various times of the week, that’s more challenging than others. The crowd is a nice mix of tourists and locals who want one of the no-nonsense solid restaurants in Union Square.

A Surprise Back Room

Like the Hillstone folks, Oceans is running a smart operation. In the back room of the restaurant, in lieu of more private dining space, they created sister restaurant Carlotto. Carlotto has its own separate entrance and a more intimate, dim-lit vibe and focuses on Italian cuisine.

Food + Drink

I grew up in the Midwest, so places like Oceans give me a sense of comfort. This is the kind of restaurant I go to in Chicago or in the suburbs for a special occasion meal. It’s everyday food that’s elevated yet straightforward enough to have something for everyone. There’s both sushi and lobster mac and cheese on the menu, as well as a Dover sole and caviar. I also like that they have a seafood tower, which is nice when you want to eat relatively healthy. They know how to do high low at Oceans.

The theme of the food at Oceans is solid. On specifics, the tuna tartare was good albeit mild in flavor, and I liked that they were generous on the avocado. The sushi rolls were all more than your average neighborhood sushi joint, where I especially liked the shrimp tempura. They got extra points for keeping it light on the rice, which far more expensive places don’t always get right. Oceans isn’t in it for the Michelin star, but instead to give you elevated solid food with a little something extra special.


The service matches the atmosphere and food of Oceans, and I would say within the top 10% of the restaurants in Union Square. Everyone is polite, efficient and knowledgeable. I would say that Ocean’s service is reflective of a corporate restaurant group that runs a tight ship. I would have given it higher marks had our server not disappeared on us when his shift ended. Totally get he needed to hustle out but it’s standard issue to let your table know someone else will be taking over. It’s not a big deal at all though, and wouldn’t deter me from returning to Oceans.

Overall: A solid 7/10

Essentially you go to Oceans when you want to play it safe.


Q: Where is Oceans located?

A: Oceans is one of the restaurants in Union Square and is located at 233 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003.

Q: What are the hours of operation of Oceans?

A: The hours of operation of Ocean, one of the better restaurants in Union Square are as follows:

Monday 5–9:30 PM
Tuesday 5–10 PM
Wednesday 5–10 PM
Thursday 5–10 PM
Friday 5–10 PM
Saturday 5–10 PM
Sunday 5–9:30 PM

Q: What kind of food does Oceans serve?

A: Oceans is one of the seafood restaurants in Union Square that serves sushi, fresh fish, and American cuisine. They also serve a decent selection of meat dishes including a braised short rib and several steak options.

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