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Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

Coachella Fairgrounds Daytime

The Festival: Coachella

The Dates: April 12–14 and April 19 –21, 2024

The Vibe & Things to Know:

Coachella is only a month away, so let’s discuss what’s noteworthy. First, the backdrop is the Colorado Desert, and people dress up in an eclectic mix of sexy, boho, and Western influences. When in doubt, think lots of fringe, flared or flowy clothing, and your coolest pair of shades.

The music ranges from rock to hip-hop, with a sprinkle of EDM, and indie stars. There will be plenty of Instagram-worthy moments with art installations throughout and celebrity performers headlining like Lana Del Rey, Tyler The Creator, and Doja Cat. Camping is an option during the two-weekend-long festival. So rally your friends and start planning if you haven’t already, as tickets sell out fast.

Where to Stay:

Where to Stay: Sensei Porcupine Creek, Hermann Bungalows, The Ritz Carlton Mirage, and a baller house. Check out our article here. 

The Festival: Glastonbury

The Location: Farmland in Somerset, England
The Dates: June 26- 30, 2024

The Vibe & Things to Know:   

The Glastonbury Festival is huge, literally. We’re talking 900 acres and 100 stages. The festival is a combination of smaller festivals with designated areas for whatever genre speak to you. The festival has been a hub for peace and climate crisis talks, flash mobs, contemporary music, comedy, and even circus acts. Silver Hayes for example  will be worlds apart from the vibe of Green Fields, which is more renewable energy . Whatever you like, we suggest hopping around for a well-rounded experience.

A quick tip: the weather is highly unpredictable and factors into your attire. Opt for chic rain boots and a breathable, water-resistant jacket, just in case. Clothes are a bit grungier with leathers, denims, and your typical festival accessories for a pop of color. While tickets are sold out, resale will be available on their website in April.

Where to Stay: The Newt

The Festival: SXSW

SWSX Festival. Courtesy of SWSX website.

The Location: Austin, Texas
The dates: The music festival portion will be March 11-16, but the entire debut is from the 8th-16thThe

Vibe & Things to Know:  

This one’s for music geeks wanting a deeper learning experience. Sure, the artists are performing, but there are also musicians as well as keynote speakers, conferences, and panels in all performing arts sectors. What all SXSW events have in common is room for discussion, to learn from the greats, and mingle with other creatives along the way. The attire is somewhere between Coachella and Glastonbury. A pair of comfy shoes with nods to boho festival attire is a happy medium. But with people there for networking events and talks, there will be a lot of variation and a more low-key dress code.

Where to Stay: The Four Seasons and The Austin Proper Hotel

The Festival: Burning Man

The Location: Black Rock City, Nevada
The Dates: August 25 – September 02, 2024 (Leading up to Labor Day)

The Vibe & Things to Know: 

This is not exclusively a music festival per se, but it does attract top music performances. (Hello Diplo). An ode to hippie counterculture, Burning Man is meant to be a liberating celebration of connection to others and the natural world. Of course, there’s the iconic burning of the man who represents capitalism. But performance art, installations, medical centers, and bartering are also part of the makeshift metropolis . You can be a burner too, as the group practices inclusion and foster self-discovery.

This year’s theme is, “Curiesor & Curiesor,” where installations and talks help you grow through confusion. The lineup is still to be determined, but with this eccentric bunch, it’ll be far from boring. Wear something psychedelic or otherworldly, and you’ll fit right in.

Where to Stay: A top luxury camp in a decked out RV. Check out our article on Burning Man here. 

The Festival: Lollapalooza

ODESZA. Courtesy of Premier EDM and Lollapalooza.

The Location: Chicago, IL – Grant Park
The Dates: Early August (unconfirmed)

The Vibe and Things to Know: 

Take in the Chicago skyline and views of Lake Michigan as you sing along to rock, hip-hop, and EDM. The venue doesn’t offer campgrounds, so booking a hotel in advance, is a good idea. There are nine stages and  hundreds of thousands of participants.

There’s even a kids section. Kidzapalooza makes this a perfect family outing with family-friendly music, free attendance for kids under 8, and many Chicago food vendors at relatively affordable costs. Wear vibrant colors, funky prints, and sparkles to Lollapalooza. Though tickets are not yet available, headliners like Kendrick Lamar, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and The 1975 were at the 2023 festival, if that’s any indication.

Where to Stay: The Peninsula, The Park Hyatt and The Four Seasons

The Festival: AfroFuture 

Samini Ghanaian reggae and dancehall artist, 2023. Courtesy of AfroFuture website.

The Location: Accra, Ghana
Dates: Not Yet Confirmed, usually December

The Vibe and Things to Know:   

Cultural pride is embedded in every detail of this fairly, new festival. Only six years old, the festival is making its mark on the music world. AfroFuture draws in people from all walks of life, nourishing cultural connection and celebrating African heritage. Music, art, and fashion are on display and, much like the music, fuse the contemporary and traditional. Some genres include afro beats, hip hop, DJ sets, and more. The festival is all-inclusive and is known for its nonjudgmental, uplifting spirit. Dress code is a mix of street and traditional wear with bright colors.

Where to Stay: The Kempinski or we have a baller private apartment where VIPs like Naomi Campbell stay when they’re in town.

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