Celebrity Spotting in Venice

If it seems like all the celebs were in Venice at one point this summer, well, it’s because they were. Want to stay like Jay and Bey? Eat like Dakota Johnson and Kirsten Dunst? Or make your re-debut as a couple, 18 years later, like Ben and Jen? We have the spots for that. Yes, here is the inside track on where celebrities go in Venice.

3 Best Restaurants in Venice, Italy

1. Antiche Carampane

You’d never know this unassuming hole in the wall is one of the best fish restaurants in the world. And that’s exactly how they like it, and why it’s on the list of where celebrities go in Venice. Celebrities frequent Antiche Carampane year round, and especially during the Venice Film Festival. On the menu is a big lunch of soft shell crab and pasta alla cassopipa.    And best of all, Antiche Carampane is family owned and run. Somehow, food tastes better when the recipes are made with that kind of love.

2. Terrazza Danieli

If you know someone who knows someone, you might be able to get on the wait list for Terrazza Danieli. The famous patio restaurant is has views for days.  It’s also one of the best places to see and be seen during the Venice Film Festival. It may be where celebrities go in Venice, but it’s also where everyone goes at least once in the city.  Venetian flavors are influenced by Eastern dishes, and the restaurant fuses the East and the West.


3. Vino Vero

Vino Vero is an essential stop on the wine bar crawl of festival-goers. Award winners toast local wines, which are accompanied by mouth-watering charcuterie. Before heading off into the night, it’s essential to gather here.

Top 2 Hotels Where Celebrities Stay in Venice, Italy

1. Aman Venice

You know we love Aman. We can’t help it. It also doesn’t hurt that Aman Venice is one of the 7 best hotels in Italy.  There are just no other hotels like them. And if you don’t believe us, perhaps George and Amal, who married at the hotel. So this is as legit of a place, of any, where celebrities go in Venice.  The private canal provides the perfect spot for haute couture photo opportunities.  As for the accommodations, the rooms with frescos and reliefs are opulent, Venice style.  At times you won’t believe the place isn’t a museum.

2. Cipriani – A Belmond Hotel Vanice

Everyone knows Cipriani, but we have to mention it anyway. Cipriani is the only hotel in Venice with an Olympic-size pool.  It may very well be the best place to spot a celeb during the film festival. So make sure to stop for drinks at Harry’s Bar (where the Bellini was invented).  Have a sundown in the garden; you won’t miss out on people watching, and entertainment value is high. 

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