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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again –where do you go after staying at Aman? The answer is Ani Resorts, which is made up of a team of Aman refugees who are rocking their craft at this new-ish portfolio of hotels. At first glance Ani, may look like private villas, but then you realize that they’re big, or bigger, and have all the bells and whistles of a full-scale resort. In fact, to call them a villa is like calling Christian Louboutin a cobbler, or Roger Federer a guy who dabbles in tennis. So, on The Travel Shop, Galavante’s online store, here’s your chance to level up your travels this holiday and beyond. At Ani, you and your entourage get to experience the most private hotels in the world.

A Unique Private Resort

A lot of places say that they’re one of a kind, but Ani actually is the only one of its kind. ÀNI Private Resorts name comes from the Swahili word andjani, which means ‘the journey ahead’. Many of us have been lucky to stay in show-stopping villas from Villa Rock Star at Eden Rock to the palatial estates in Mustique. However, Ani is different because it’s not a villa, but rather the most private hotels in the world. Their estates are the like the size of a Cheval Blanc hotel in St. Barths, but for one entourage at a time. That means  20 to 30 of your closest besties and family can gather together in complete and utter privacy, in a full-service hotel. They’re staffed up too like a hotel, with 20 or so on the team running around to make it all happen.

It’s All Included

One of the most unique aspects of Ani is that there’s no bill to sign after you’ve partied like it’s 1999. Almost all – from the daily spa treatments, babysitting, activities on property, food and beverage – is included in the nightly nut. So not only do you get the most private hotel in the world, you also get relatively good luxury value. Here is generally what’s included in the nightly rate of ANI:

  • Full-board breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with private chef + staff
  • All-day pool butler
  • Free-flowing drinks
  • 1 beach BBQ
  • 1 Rum tasting
  • Cooking class
  • Mixology class
  • DJ Night
  • Tennis lessons
  • Sunset cruise
  • Daily spa treatments
  • Personal training sessions
  • Daily laundry
  • Packing + unpacking services
  • Transfers + Airport VIP

Activities Galore

The most private hotel in the world means that everything you need is on property. At Ani you have your own gym with trainers, yoga teachers or whatever exercise du jour that you’re into. There’s also a full-service spa, where there are far more than basic massages on the menu. With all there is to do on-property with tennis, pools for days and beach, some people never leave the resort. However Ani is in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Destinations of the Ani resorts include Anguilla and Dominican Republic in the Caribbean to Sri Lanka and Thailand in Asia. Instead of trying to piece together your own tours, their team will make it all happen for you. Whether you wing it when you arrive or you have each day meticulously planned, their team shows you the world. (Or at least all the highlights of where you’re staying.)

Food + Wine

If you’re the most private hotel in the world, you need to make sure the eats are good for your discerning guests. As far as restaurants go, you essentially create your own based upon how you’re feeling that day. Whether it’s sushi, Mexican, Greek or cheeseburgers at midnight, they’ve got you covered. The properties are expansive so there’s no ennui when it comes to your dining scene. The team gets creative for your week-long stay and their chefs have top skills.

A Hotel with a Heart

You know that at Galavante, we love to connect philanthropy to our travels. ÀNI’s owner is Tim Reynolds, the Founder of Jane Street Capital. His hotels support the non-profit ÀNI Art Academies which brings arts education to developing nations worldwide. The non-profit is also planning an expansion of ÀNI’s educational outreach to include computer literacy. Their impact on communities is tangible, and the heart of the ÀNI brand.


Base Price: Rates start around $14,000/nightly for 6 suites, and go up to 15 rooms depending upon location.

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