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Lily of the Valley Deck

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve launched The Travel Shop. You may not even need to partake in Black Friday sales. With The Travel Shop, all you need to do is point, click, and buy, and the world is yours. The Travel Shop’s superpower is that it cuts through the fat and gives you bespoke experiences from around the world. Our focus is bespoke boutique luxury hotels around the world, but also luxury travel packages in destinations like Rome and Florence.

Either way, these places are what you define as special, and what you’ll get is a no-brainer 4-7 trip with all the basics. You know, someone to fetch and drop you off at the airport, and a special dinner during your trip at the hotel, or a special tour. And, of course, breakfast, because that’s the most important meal of the day.  So, come check us out, and welcome to your wish list of luxury travel packages around the world.

A Preview of Our Travel Experiences

The Fine Print on our Luxury Travel Packages

We’re kicking off the Travel Shop with luxury travel packages in destinations, right in time for the holidays. In January, we’ll have a whole new slew of special hotels where you can buy your travel online. Given the holiday availability as we all know that’s always a challenge, all you need to do is Book Now below. From there, send us your dates and we’ll create a custom luxury travel package for you from now until the start of 2024.

All experiences on the Travel Shop are for up to two people, double occupancy unless otherwise noted. Of course, if you’re two guests you can buy out ANI Resorts anyway, as we’ve had that happen too. Packages do not include airfare, but of course, we can hook you up with that too. The world is your oyster, and The Travel Shop is here to make your adventures as inspired and easy as can be.

A Winter Retreat in St. Tropez

Days: 5 days/4 nights

The Itinerary

The secret about the South of France is that the weather is good all year round. You may not jump into the Med in December (though kudos to you if you do) but it can be warm enough to walk around sans coat. Either way, you have good prospects for lots of sunshine, good food, and the authenticity of the South of France experience. Also, the hotels that are open, like Lily of the Valley, are at a fraction of the price. What is not at a fraction though is the experience. At Lily of the Valley, you can unplug, join in on the wellness activities, and luxuriate in their gorgeous rooms.

Base Price: Starting at 2,000 euros

For 4 nights in a standard room, breakfast daily, special welcome amenities, upgrades where available, and airport transfers from Nice.

Book Now

Marrakech Adventure

Days: 5 days/4 nights

The Itinerary

There’s a reason Madonna, who could have her birthday anywhere in the world, chose to ring in the big 6-0 in Marrakech. The city of Marrakech is a stunning cultural capital, with exotic souks, food, and history. On arrival, you will check into one of our suggested hotels which include the Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons, Aman, and the Royal Mansour.

Base Price: Starting at $5,500

For 4 nights in a standard room, double occupancy, at one of our preferred hotels, breakfast included daily, $100 stay credit, transfers to and from the hotel. One half-day customized tour of Marrakech. Additional tours and experiences may be arranged.

Book Now

Roman Holiday

Days: 5 days/4 Nights

The Itinerary

It is always gelato weather in Italy, especially if you are in Rome where it’s stylish coat weather. For your long weekend, you can take in La Dolce Vita, wander through the shops, and take in the Coliseum. We can customize your trip with after-hours access to the Vatican, private palazzo dinners, or personal shopping with the insiders.

In Rome, it’s also all about what hotels you want to stay at. Our hotel packages can include the Hotel Eden, the most classic hotel in Rome. Newcomers to the scene also include the lavish Bulgari and a personal favorite of the new Six Senses Rome.

Base Price: Starting at 6,000 euros

For 4 nights in a standard room, double occupancy, at one of our preferred hotels, breakfast included daily, $100 stay credit, transfers to and from the hotel.

Book Now

The New Year in Tunisia

Days: 5 days/4 nights

The Itinerary

Tunisia is one of the countries that is the most rich in history, beauty, and culture. It’s often overlooked for Morocco, though our philosophy is the two are not mutually exclusive. Morocco is like your Masters degree and Tunisia is like your PhD when it comes to travel. Tunisia’s capital Tunis is located at the heart of the Mediterranean and has picturesque blue and white towns. Designer Alaia even has a fashion museum, as most people don’t know that he was of Tunisian heritage.

Today, Tunisia has been and continues to be a major point of trade between Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This has brought in a confluence of cultures over the years that have resulted in the city’s complex history. Tunisia has been colonized by the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Ottomans, and most recently, by the French.

For your four nights in Tunisia, you will be looked after from start to finish with airport VIP, 4 nights at the Four Seasons, and a customized tour one day. Additional touring is highly encouraged as there is much to uncover in Tunisia. This will be one of your most memorable trips not only of the year but of a lifetime.

Base Price: Starting at $5,500

For 4 nights in a standard room, double occupancy at the Four Seasons, breakfast included daily, $100 stay credit, VIP service on arrival, transfers to and from the hotel.  One full day of touring customized to your interests in Tunis with a top guide/driver.

Book Now

Cuba Old Havana

Cuba Time

Days: 5 days/4 nights

The Itinerary

From the moment you arrive you Cuba, our team will immerse you in the culture and beauty of Havana and the surrounding areas. You will check into a beautiful local luxury hotel set in the heart of Havana. Our team will arrange for you to have four and a half full days of touring experiences. Specialty touring includes art galleries and meeting with local artists. You will also have a food tour like you’ve never experienced, to see the challenges of living in Cuba. For those into music, you’ll have a cultural immersion into the music scene of the city. You will also dine at the top restaurants and experience all the very best that Cuba has to offer. This is one of the luxury travel packages on The Travel Shop that includes almost all your experiences and half the meals as well. Additionally, our team will assist with your visa to Cuba so all is on the up and up especially if you’re an American traveling in Cuba.

Base Price: Starting at $5,000

For 4 nights in a standard room, double occupancy, at one of our preferred luxury hotels, breakfast included daily, and transfers to and from the hotel.  Four full days of full touring including an excursion to the beach and the best lobster lunch. Activities will be tailored to your personal preferences.

Book Now


A Holiday Trip to Italy

Days: 7 days/6 nights

The Itinerary

If you don’t have plans yet for the holidays, the inside scoop is that Italy is where to be this year. You will travel to Florence and Rome for the holidays, ringing in 2024 at a gala in the Eternal City. In Florence, you’ll base at either the Four Seasons or the Portrait Hotel, within walking distance to the best shopping and food.

From there, we will transfer you to Rome where you’ll stay at the Six Senses, Bulgari, or Hotel Eden as your home base. Customized tours, after-hours at the Vatican, private shopping experiences, and foodie experiences can be added to both Rome and Florence. The base luxury travel package includes your 6 nights of hotels and breakfast, $100 credits at the hotels, airport transfers, and the transfer between Florence and Rome.

Base Price: Starting at 10,000 Euros

Book Now

A Week of Wellness at SHA

Days: 7 Nights

The Itinerary

SHA Wellness is one of the top medical wellness retreats in the world. One size does not fit all at SHA, so based on your goals, we will help you select the best program. From there, your week will be customized to help you achieve the path to your best self. Programs include a rebalance, where you’ll have a personal trainer, health assessments from doctors, acupuncture, and other treatments to reset your well-being. There is also an optimal weight program, where you can shed those holiday pounds to be your most healthy self.

Base Price: Starting at 6,500 euros including accommodation

Book Now

Ani Private Resorts Sri Lanka

Your Own Private Resort – ANI Resorts

Days: 7 days/6 nights

The Itinerary

The ANI Resort is your oyster. ANI Resorts are located in Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Yes, you can rent a villa with staff, but ANI’s homes are actually best described as private hotels. They are equal in size, staff, experiences, dining, and facilities to a hotel, but yet they are completely private. So that means you, your friends, and your family have an entire week to get the most out of a destination. Almost everything, from the food, beverages, experiences, spa treatments, and whatever else you can dream up, (within reason of course) is included. ANI Private Resorts are like their own class of luxury travel packages.

Base Price: Rates start around $14,000/nightly for 6 suites, and go up to 15 rooms depending upon location.

Book Now


Q: What is The Travel Shop?

A: The Travel Shop is Galavante’s online shop, where you can buy luxury travel packages at hotels and destinations around the world.

Q: How do I book on  The Travel Shop?

A: For the holidays, due to the quickly moving availability at hotels, you book by clicking Book Now here or above next to the luxury travel package you’re interested in. Shoot us your dates and specs, and we’ll have your adventure customized and quoted out for you by one of our expert travel advisors.

After the holidays, you’ll be able to point, click, and buy directly on The Travel Shop. Keep a lookout for the new travel inspiration in 2024.

Q: What if I want to customize one of the luxury travel packages? Can I do that?

A: Customization is our specialty. You can change anything and everything. The Travel Shop is your starting point, but the world is your oyster and we’re here to make it happen.

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