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The Hotels

As part of the criteria to support locals, the hotels that are generally available to Americans are small boutique properties. There is a list of prohibited places that Americans cannot stay, which are considered government-sponsored. We’ll include one of them below, because if you’re from the UK, for example, you won’t have the same limitation. Our list are the luxury hotels in Cuba, that are perfect for groups of friends and family. We have a separate list of private homes for those who are into design and high-end personalized service. Whether you choose one of the luxury hotels in Cuba or one of our private homes, is entirely personal preference.

Accommodations in Cuba have vastly improved in the past five years. This is not to say that there’s an Aman-level resort or comparable luxury hotels in Cuba. But that’s not what you’re in Cuba for. What you will find though are individually-owned hotels where the families put their hearts into making your stay special. It’s a small miracle actually that they’re able to source such comfortable beds, linens, and towels, once you understand how difficult logistics are in Cuba. All of this makes you appreciate the hospitality even more, and staying in luxury hotels in Cuba becomes less of a priority.




Paseo206 is located in Vedado, the economic and cultural center of Havana. This boutique luxury hotel in Cuba is on a tree-lined avenue surrounded by historic old homes in a residential part of the neighborhood. The restored building dates back to the 1930s and has belonged to one family ever since. It’s said that Paseo206 was actually the home of a patriarch’s mistress at one point, to give you an idea of how posh Havana once was. The building even has some of the original elements like the staircase and is easily the nicest hotel in town.

Each of its ten suites has been completely updated and offers king-sized beds, Frette linens, and Marshall stereo equipment. Baths are also all new and modern, and some suites have their own soaking tubs and private terraces with a jacuzzi.

The restaurant, Eclectico, pairs Mediterranean dishes with Cuban ingredients and flavors. They make an excellent carbonara, which is their specialty, along with a beautiful charcuterie and simple cheese board. The owner is Cuban-Italian, so they also make the best cappuccino in town.

Loma Del Ángel

Loma Del Ángel is a private property located in Old Havana, which was recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The neighborhood is filled with history. You’ll find cobblestone squares, old forts, tons of museums, crowded bars and bookstores, and architectural gems. It’s also right by the Canal de Entrada, with sea-stained walls leading into the Havana Port.

Loma is the most upscale hotel set right in the old city and is a cross between a hotel and a private home. You can feel the care that has gone into Loma, from the moment you step into the building. The first thing you’ll notice is the chic design and architecture of the fully refurbished hotel. They’re also all about the details and create a modern Havana vibe through their signature scent and decor. Loma is more of a home, though they have a 24/7 house manager who is right next door. This is one of the luxury hotels in Cuba on our list that is more like a private home.

The Setup

The hotel has seven rooms across two adjacent buildings. They recently completed the annex which has five bedrooms. It can be rented as a full home if you’re traveling with friends. The baths in the new annex are beautifully constructed with high-end stonework. The original building has two larger suites and is adjacent but not connected to the annex next door. One of the suites comes with a large living room plus a terrace. The second bedroom is smaller but has a huge private terrace overlooking Old Havana.  Although there isn’t a public restaurant or spa, the location puts you at the center of all things. It’s easy to spend most of your time exploring the city.


It’s of special note that breakfast is extra special in the main building as it’s served on the duplexed rooftop terrace. It’s special to catch a Havana sunrise at Loma and to have a leisurely breakfast with your travel companions. They set the table with beautiful linens, antique plates, and formal glassware. They put out quite the morning spread as well, with a custom juice, a large fruit platter, pancakes, and eggs to order.

La Reserva Vedado

La Reserva is also in the Vedado neighborhood and is one of the original luxury hotels in Cuba to take accommodations to the next level. The beauty of the hotel is its simplicity. Colorful tile floors give a vintage feel to the hotel. La Reserva is a gathering place for the community where they host special bazaars and exhibits. They also have a restaurant open to the public, La Bodega, which is simple Cuban food.

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

The Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski is located in Havana’s historic Old Town. This is the option for you if you’re looking for a standard luxury hotel with a great location. The Kempinski has 246 rooms including 50 opulent suites. Although this may not seem like a big deal for those of you who are regular travelers, this Kempinski is actually the first luxury hotel in Cuba. It shows the changing landscape of the city as it welcomes a new set of tourists.

The Kempinski has six bars and restaurants, each with its own chic setting. The rooftop terrace has a pool and an accompanying restaurant to take in the views of Havana and the sea. Spa Albear by Resense is their luxury spa, fit with treatments to decompress after a day of sightseeing.

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