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We know you’re into instant gratification. And now we have you covered. Whether the inspiration strikes you at 3 a.m. to book a flight to Bali, or you just want it done pronto, now you can book flights, hotels, and cars on Galavante. In partnership with Expedia, we’re your place to be inspired — and to do a little DIY for your trips. And yes, this is just in time for the holidays. So you have yet another reason to come play around on Galavante; we are your website for travel bookings.

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How it Works

You come to Galavante for your recommendations on the best there is in destinations, hotels, and restaurants. Now you can come to Galavante’s website for travel bookings. Book all flights, hotels, and car rentals. We’re an official Expedia partner, so we get access to all the stuff they do. Expedia processes the bookings, and has a special line for bookings done through travel advisors. So you have a leg up on Expedia’s regular customer service through Galavante’s website for travel bookings, compared to just booking on Expedia on your own. It pays to work through us, even through online bookings. As your place for all the good things in travel, now you really don’t need to go anywhere else.

Galavante About Us

Your Website for All Travel Bookings

Galavante’s new online website for travel booking services doesn’t mean that we’re not still going to hook you up with our talented team of travel advisors. What makes them unique is that they actually know travel, because they travel the world extensively themselves. Our team has on average 15 years of experience, so you’re not working with rookies. It’s our A-Team all the way.

Quick Escapes

We get this question a lot nowadays, because we do some lifetime trips for our Galavante community. But that’s not all we do; we really do it all. If you have a quick one-night stay, or need any type of hotel, our team is here to help. You get the benefit of our services for any type of stay as part of our Galavante community. Which means that if you need to cancel, something comes up last minute or anything changes, our team is here for you. Also, you get benefits like complimentary breakfasts, resort credits, and other perks that are often available to travel advisors only.

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Family Vacations

A lot of you had families over the pandemic, and we know you are ready to take them on adventures. Maybe you’ll start small with a summer vacation in Rhode Island. Or maybe you’re flying with kids for the first time. We have you covered; it’s complicated enough to take that first vacation, or even the 50th trip. Our team of travel advisors is here to help.

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Last Minute

We know you’re busy. Like, how is already the end of the year? Well, it’s because you have other things to worry about than your travel plans. Last minute is our speciality, and we can’t always guarantee it, but we do pull rabbits out of hats to get you what you want.

Lifetime Trips

We do a lot of trips that change your life. We’ve had some of the biggest names in Wall Street; get on their path to the meaning of life after a trip with us. This is the core passion we have at Galavante; to blow your mind, expand your experiences, and create the environment to be the happiest version of yourself. We live to make our clients happy. That means it’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor with us. Every lifetime trip we do is unique, because there’s no one like you out there. So whether that’s the Amalfi Coast or the Skeleton Coast, we create trips you won’t forget.


Bespoke Projects

When our founder, Christine Drinan, established Galavante, she never envisioned putting together pop-up hotels in places like Sierra Leone. But it turns out that we have a knack for it. Whether you’re filming a movie and need all the logistical support services, or you’re headed to a place with no hotels, we make magic with bespoke projects. So not only are we a website for travel bookings, we are your speed dial for unique projects and destinations around the world.

Corporate Travel

It’s been a nice pause these past three years, not traveling for work every week. But the reality is that it’s back to business, and back to the office, at least part-time. And if you remember, you used to tack on a weekend in Paris. A few days in Rome. Or spend some time at the Ranch Malibu after those work meetings in LA. If work is paying for your ticket, it doesn’t matter if you extend over a weekend. In fact, it’s usually a little less expensive to stay over a Saturday, so you’re really working for the company team. That’s where we come in. Lead by our Managing Director of Travel, Justin Harrison, we are your best resource for corporate travel. We optimize flight pricing, hotels, perks like complimentary breakfast and hotel credits, even if you don’t have a Platinum Amex. Message us at [email protected] to learn more.

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Keep a Lookout: The Travel Shop

Expect us to expand Galavante’s website for travel bookings with the Travel Shop. The Travel Shop is our version of GOOP, but for travel. We bring you special family-owned boutique hotels around the world, and make it easy for you to book your inspired getaway. Our travel packages will range from 4-7 days, and will include your accommodations, airport transfers, a daily breakfast, and a dinner at the hotel. You see, you like, you point, you click. We can’t wait to bring the Travel Shop live; we are your travel website for all bookings.

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