Where to Meet Your Sig Other

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and it’s not just for those who are hitched up to a plus one. Love is an equal-opportunity game, and it’s never too late. Believe it or not, people actually still meet the good old-fashioned way; when you’re out and about doing your thing. This is where to meet people in NYC to increase those chances. And so the search begins. Good luck. 


Starting strong with Scarpetta, the Italian spot is no stranger to attractive, eligible singles. Bring a few girlfriends for moral support because big groups usually fill the large, inviting booths. The dimly lit interior is cozy yet classy, and weekdays are best to meet your special someone. The restaurant is just a warm-up, so first enjoy daily handmade pasta and a pregame drink. Then, take the party downstairs to the Seville Bar to extend the conversation. The speakeasy-like club has an expensive, sensual feel and the crowd to match.

Holiday Bar 

Where to begin? Holiday Bar is eclectic, to say the least. From the food with Caribbean, Asian, and Mediterranean inspiration to the 80s Americana and Italian decor. One thing’s for sure, this West Village hotspot is a conversation starter. Grab a lychee martini and people watch through ceiling-to-floor mirrored walls, you might just catch someone else’s gaze. Mingling is built into the design concept, with many guests moving around the space to socialize. The abundant seafood menu is also the perfect aphrodisiac. Add large screen prints of couples, and erotic bathroom screenings, and you have the perfect retro-inspired meetup.

Kappo Masa

Looking for a partner with the big bucks? Look no further. Kappo Masa has bar-side seating mainly for high-quality sushi. That said, liquid courage is available before sparking a conversation, but not a must. Both closely set tables and long booths make it easier to engage fellow diners. The environment is lively and casual, which makes the stakes feel lower even while flirting with affluent singles. Set near Central Park and Gagosian Gallery, a potential after-lunch stroll could keep the momentum going.


Minetta Tavern

This upscale Bistro was once a 1930s hotspot for writers with frequenters such as E.E. Cummings and Ernest Hemmingway. Minetta is a French New York City staple with many accents alluding to dark romanticism. The restaurant features sconce lighting, checkerboard floors, and an extensive collection of caricatures of past notable visitors. At Minetta, there’s dinner and then supper. Thursday through Saturday supper is less pressure and more social. Open until 1 am, you’ll have plenty of time to meet someone across a striking red booth.

The Grill

The Grill is a great after-work spot in Midtown to stake out a wealthy partner. You have to feel good to leave a good impression, and The Grill will have you feeling like a movie star in your best attire. You’ll find classic NYC opulence here with table-side shows from servers in tuxedos, embroidered napkins, and genuinely cool people. Strut over to the bar and leave a lasting impression on anyone in the room who might like to join.


In the Midtown area but looking for something low-pressure, Empellón has a colorful spirit in both the decor and plating. The Mexican-inspired restaurant is the place to be if you’re trying to bump into your office work crush. Shareable options mean you don’t have to break the bank to partake. Dessert and their signature margaritas are also affordable if you’re there to scout. Two stories high with balcony-style seating overlooking the bar allows things to go from playful to intimate or vice versa. Let’s just say the salsa won’t be your only spicy encounter of the night.

Le Bilboquet

Le Bilboquet on the Upper East Side is where you go to flirt with the hot wait staff. The French spot has midnight blue seating, white tablecloths, and European details. Don’t forget to order the owner’s home Cajun chicken recipe and to come in a pack. Tipsy table hopping is encouraged even during weekdays, and the weekend brunch is where the energy picks up. People will engage you, sparklers are in the air, and dancing is inevitable, it’s a real party. Plus, the space is intimate enough to get to know the other guests, maybe even a future soulmate.

le bilboquet

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