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If you’re still trying to lose those last few pounds for summer, there’s still time. In fact, there’s a place that’s guaranteed to get you into shape. The Travel Shop on Galavante is ready to hook you up with one of the top luxury wellness retreats in the world. After five days, you’ll be a brand new you.

A Medical Spa

Welcome to SHA Wellness, a medical luxury wellness retreat center in the south of Spain. Before you hop on that plane, know that this is not a wellness center lite. The approach isn’t to sit in a prayer circle playing the drums and chanting (though that surely has its benefits too). Instead, at SHA, your job is to get well, whatever that means for your goals and objectives for the week. Some people move here for an extended period of time, and work from SHA. Programs range from traditional weight loss, rebalancing, gut focus, healthy aging and advanced detox. Think of this as a luxury wellness retreat program for high achievers who want to improve their wellness in a posh hotel environment with gourmet food. Yeah, it sounded good to us too!

How it Works

Right from the minute of your arrival, it will feel like you’re at a luxurious summer camp for adults. On the first day, you’ll do a test to assess your basic BMI, weight, and physical stats. If you’re on the weight-loss program, you’ll also do a full body scan. There will also be a session with a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a nutritionist.

Then the fun begins. Your program runs from 7am until about 7pm, with one-hour breaks for meals and afternoon “tea” (which is actually shiitake broth and fruit). You’ll enjoy sessions including personal training, body wraps, underwater treatments, colonics, and cryogenics. You’ll even meet with a dentist, to check your dental health, which impacts how you chew your food. SHA even looks at the presence of bacteria in your teeth that can impact your heart. The SHA method is an integrative approach that leaves virtually no stone unturned. It’s indisputably one of the top luxury wellness retreats in the world.

The Travel Shop

SHA is a family-owned boutique wellness center, and it’s life-changing. Literally. Because once you go to SHA, your view on wellness is never the same.

Galavante is launching The Travel Shop this July. It will include a dozen carefully-selected properties around the world. You’ll be able to book SHA there, but in the meantime, message us at [email protected] and we’ll hook you up!

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