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I know that I’ve been to over 140 countries, but I am the least well-traveled person in the United States. If I’m traveling domestically, it’s for a good reason. But when I do travel for vacation within the U.S., then there absolutely has to be a compelling hotel. In this case, that hotel is Amangiri. However, hotels like this that are so hyped, are bound to fall short of expectations.  It’s certainly a showstopper, which is why you know a celeb has made it big when they’re pictured at Amangiri. But is it worth the hype? Are those famous pancakes as good as they say? This is the Amangiri review.

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Amangiri is set in a remote area of Southern Utah, and its atmosphere mirrors the natural setting around it. The architecture of Amangiri was specifically designed so that it would blend well with the natural rocks and canyons of the area. In a nutshell, the atmosphere of Amangiri is serene. As you drive through the compound’s security gates and make your way to the main hotel, everything on your mind just fades into the background and the noise it is. You are on vacation.

Aman has a distinct design aesthetic through their hotels, but even this is next level. The lines are clean and minimalist throughout, yet there is something soulful about the hotel. You know that you are in for something special at Amangiri.


The accommodations at Amangiri define luxury. The modern minimalism continues in the main hotel suites, but yet there’s a cozy feel to the suites. Rooms are conducive to utter relaxation, where you are happy to put your feet up and just chill out. Many have outdoor decks, fire pits, and pools. All have stunning views of the mesas that surround the hotel. From my perspective in writing this Amangiri review, there really isn’t a bad room in the house.

For groups, families, friends, or if you just like luxury tented camps, Camp Sarika is in its own area of the compound. It’s a five-minute drive, or if you’re feeling adventurous you can walk it in 15-20 minutes. At Camp Sarika, there’s a stand-alone restaurant and its own pool. As guests, you have access to both areas. I’ve stayed in both accommodations and prefer the main hotel for when I’m with a plus one, and Camp Sarika with family and friends.

Before I move on to the other parts of the Amangiri review, I almost forgot to mention the people: whether or not the other guests are celebrities, they sure look like they could be actors and models. The people-watching here at Amangiri is tops but yet everyone is so low-key.

Amangiri Pancake Recipe - Video


Of the Amangiri review, dining is one of the strongest virtues of the hotel. Nowadays the rooms include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two in your package. Realistically you’re not going to leave the hotel with its remote location, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better restaurant anyway. The famed Amangiri pancake is everything it’s cracked up to be. I ordered it every day even as a side dish to my eggs, as I’m typically a savory versus sweet person.

Notably, the food at Amangiri goes from fine American cuisine all the way to simple light fares, depending on your taste. I was with a friend who likes rice and beans on a visit, and I prefer more elevated cuisine. Both of us loved the food. I still try to recreate this lobster on blue corn though, of course, it’s not as good as the original at Amangiri.

Amangiri pool; Valentine's Day podcast- love is in air

Spa + Pool

I started my morning in the gym which unlike other hotels has a lot of foot traffic. The equipment is good and you can also arrange trainers. The spa is like a dark candlelit enclave that lulls you into total relaxation. I have no idea how they get such good therapists in this remote location, but it’s worth it to spend at least a half day.

The centerpiece of the whole hotel is the pool, which actually was the starting point for the design of Amangiri. It’s hard to compete with a natural rock formation that is over a billion years old. So naturally, no pun intended, the architects designed around it. The result is one of the most unique pools of any hotel in the world.


There is an encyclopedia of activities, starting with a morning hike through the Amangiri grounds to historic caves in the mesas high above the property. Amangiri is set on 900 acres with over 12 miles of hiking trails. The most unique part though of the on-property activities are the Ferratas, which are cable and ladder rung climbs. They look more intimidating than they really are, but that’s because you’re strapped in. However, you do climb high so a challenge for those who have a fear of heights. If there’s a place where you could try to overcome that fear, there are gentler Ferratas on the property.

Outside of Amangiri, you’re in the midst of Bryce and Zion National Parks, slot canyons, and Lake Powell. You’re also just a helicopter ride away from the Grand Canyon.

Amangiri Star Gazing

What to Know

The remote location of Amangiri is one of its selling points, but it’s also one of the challenges to get there. If you’re just dropping in for a quick 2-3 days, it will take you a full day to get there if you don’t fly private. Otherwise, it’s a haul from Vegas, LA, and Phoenix with a minimum of 3 hours or so. It’s worth it though when you arrive.

The other consideration for the normal person is the cost. It takes significant coin to breathe the rarified air of Amangiri no matter what time of year you go. Essentially, if you have that coin to stay at Amangiri, you’ve done something right in your life.

Overall: 9.2/10

The bottom line of this Amangiri review is that it absolutely lives up to the hype, and then some. One of the few hotels that I would return to over and over again.

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Q: Where is Amangiri located?

A: Amangiri is located at 1 Kayenta Road Canyon Point, UT 84741-0285

Q: Does Amangiri allow children?

A: Yes, Amangiri very happily welcomes families, children, solo travelers, couples, and groups. There’s something at Amangiri for everyone.

Q: How do you get to Amangiri?

Page Municipal Airport (PGA) is located 25 minutes from Amangiri. From St. George (UT) or Flagstaff (AZ), it takes approximately 2.5 to reach the resort. From Phoenix (AZ) or Las Vegas (NV), it takes approximately 4.5 hours through beautiful scenery with various routes passing through national parks.

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