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Hotel Jerome

Christine Drinan, Founder

Hotel Jerome Auberge Resorts

We always liked Hotel Jerome for the bar scene in Aspen, but when it came time to rest our heads, we always chose elsewhere. That was before Auberge took over this historic hotel and worked their alchemy on the joint. Naturally, we decided to give it a shot. This is the hotel review that surprised even us.


I’ve always liked Hotel Jerome for pre-dinner or even post-dinner drinks. It’s a scene and people play up the Country Western theme with their Kemo Sabe hats and cowboy boots. I also like that there’s a sense of place when you’re at the Jerome. There’s no doubt you’re in Colorado which runs through the DNA of the decor and culture of the hotel. Also, besides the St. Regis, the Jerome has a scene for late night in the Living Room bar which is always a fun place to meet people.


I never stayed at the Jerome because prior to the hotel becoming part of Auberge, the rooms needed a refurb. On this particular trip to Aspen though the rooms were a reasonable (for Aspen) $2200 nightly versus double at The Nell. Normally I would just suck it up but took the opportunity to give the Jerome a shot. I’m glad I did; I actually loved the rooms at the Jerome. Auberge did a beautiful job with the renovation. The rooms were tastefully done in a Colorado/Western theme that played on textures and patterns that just worked. The baths were impeccably renovated and I would say nicer than The Nell’s. I was in an entry-level room and it still was comfortable to share with a friend. Overall the rooms in Aspen are overpriced but the Jerome sits at a solid second-best hotel in town.

Food + Beverage

Best breakfast in town. I know that is a bold statement given that both The Little Nell which is my happy place and the St. Regis also represent in this department. However, there’s something so cozy and intimate about the in-house restaurant Prospect that just pushes it a hair ahead. My favorite dishes are the pancakes, which change seasonally but had bananas and clementine oranges on my last stay. Also solid are the Huevos Rancheros which come with both a red and green sauce. For dinner, it’s pretty quiet as there are better restaurants in my opinion for dinner. Though, I do like that they had a visiting chef from Mexico last time I was there and tried to mix it up.

J-Bar is charming; it evokes Country Western Saloon authentically without being cheesy. Drinks are solid and it’s a good place for a low-key drink early or even late. The food is a bit heavy and I wish that they would offer more raw bar items or even caviar. I know that’s a bougie thing to say but this is Aspen and I know I’m not alone in my thinking.

I also love what the Jerome did with their gift shop and Felix Roasting Company, the casual coffee shop. They took spaces that could have been generic and made them part of the Hotel Jerome experience. The decor of Felix is unique and fun; not at all cookie cutter with pinks and rich turquoise. For those who are lucky to work from Aspen, it’s a good place to post up for the day.


There are parts of the service that are brilliant at the Hotel Jerome. First is the restaurant staff, who know your coffee order, drink of choice, and food preferences by the third day of your stay. A big shout out to Leslie who runs the show in the morning, and makes you feel right at home. The bar staff prioritizes guests and also hustles to make your experience a good one. The housekeeping staff is tops as well; rooms are spotless.

The front office staff also tries hard to have things run smoothly. However, having stayed at the Nell at least 15 times, there’s no comparison between the two. The Nell has your car waiting for you, complimentary when you arrive at the airport. They cart you around town at no charge and there’s no drama with airport transport at checkout.

Transportation Logistics to Work Out

At the Jerome, you have to call when you land and wait for them to pick you up. If you want a pre-arranged transfer it’s an additional charge. On departure, I had expected my airport transfer, which was confirmed by the front desk several times, to actually be arranged. That wasn’t the case and my baggage was nowhere to be found. Of course, I cut it close and the airport was a disaster with flights all scheduled at the same time. I know I was a bit hot about things not being done but got yelled at by the bell staff in the scramble to get me to the airport. Not the way to end anyone’s time at a hotel.

There was a clear disconnect between the bell staff and the front desk, which didn’t seem so uncommon from other friends’ experiences. I’m not going to hold it against them and would stay again at the Jerome. My expectations are just set that it will be a lower-tier experience than The Nell.

Overall: 7.9/10

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Q: Where is the Hotel Jerome located?

A: The Hotel Jerome is located at 330 E Main St, Aspen, CO 81611

Q: Is the Hotel Jerome open all year round?

A: The Hotel Jerome is open most of the year. It typically closes in the spring.

Q: Is the Hotel Jerome good for families?

A: The Hotel Jerome welcomes people of all ages, including children. Is it the best hotel for young children in town? It’s really a toss-up in that department amongst the St. Regis, The Little Nell, and the Hotel Jerome.

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