Amex Centurion Club Opens in NYC

Abhilash Jayachandra, Contributor

The Centurion Private Club; One Vanderbilt

Yes, you know the Amex Black Card gets you into the Centurion lounges in airports around the U.S. But now, it also gets you on the 55th Floor of One Vanderbilt. You read that right; American Express’s Centurion has joined the private club craze in New York City. These are the details, of why you may just want to upgrade your Amex.


Private Clubs are a tried and true tradition in New York City. The established places like the Metropolitan Club and University Club and Doubles define old school tradition. When the Core Club opened in the early 2000s, they were a pioneer to bring a modern approach to the private club. Surprisingly they stayed essentially the only player in their tier of private clubs in New York, until this past two years. Private Clubs today look very different, with the arrival of Casa Cruz, Aman Club and Cipriani, just to name a few. And now, American Express will throw its hat in the private club ring in New York City, with the opening of the Centurion New York.

The Centurion Club

The Centurion club is set to open March 2023, on the 55th Floor of One Vanderbilt. By location alone, it has the most extensive view of New York City, that sets it apart from other clubs. Also distinct is the initiation process. The membership to Centurion New York doesn’t go by interview, recommendation or who you know. Rather, you gain access to Centurion New York by the color of your American Express. The Centurion card, most commonly known as the Amex Black Card, is your membership into this new club in New York City.

Food & Beverage

So beyond the velvet rope, what do you get with access to the Centurion club? Well, first the aforementioned views from the 55th floor. No need to head to the observatory deck with the other common folk. The Centurion club takes up the entire 55th floor, so all indications are that the space will play off the views. Second, you get Danial Boulud. Ok, maybe not Chef Boulud 24/7 himself, but you do get his cuisine, as he leads up the food and beverage program for the club. Also, there will be special programming, the details of which are to be announced, for members of the Centurion club.

Amex Black Card Decoded

The Amex Black Card is by invitation only, and is determined by income level, annual card spend, credit score and other variables, which are not public. However, from personal stories, most in the Galavante network who carry the card have worked some connection within Amex, to apply for consideration. Also, once you get in the spend level of above $250,000 across your Amex cards and income level of over $1 million, your chances are decent to get the nod. That, and if you want to fork over around $5,000 annually for the membership and a $10,000 initiation fee.

The benefits do work in your favor with a Black Card, depending on your lifestyle. For example you get Platinum Status on Delta and preferred status at hotel groups like Marriott and Hilton. Chances are that you travel on the high end if you carry the Black Card, so you also have a better shot at an upgrade to a suite if it’s available. There are also surprise gift certificates that arrive throughout the year with partners like Blade to helicopter to the Hamptons, or Ralph Lauren. And now, you get access to the Centurion New York, starting this March.

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