The Most Exclusive Private Clubs

Members Only

“First class, that’s what’s wrong. It used to be a better meal, now it’s a better life.” Such is the case with the resurgence of the private club, a trend even hotter than Reese Witherspoon’s $1 billion production company sale. Yes, members only is back. These are the most exclusive private clubs in the world, where you’ll want an in.

Zero Bond NYC

The Club:  Zero Bond

The Crowd:  The finance set


Zero Bond is a private dinner club founded by nightlife guy Scott Sartiano.  Set across two floors, it’s a chic enclave of finance with a sprinkle of Kardashian when they’re in town.  Membership is by referral only and according to the public website, based on all aspects of a person’s character.  The weeknights are when to come to Zero Bond.  You’ll find the top of the finance chain imbibing on sushi and other bites over tete a tete dinners.


The Crowd:  New London and international money


This is one tough membership, and you better have lots of good connections, lots of good looks and/or lots of money.  It’s rumored Dr. Dre and Paul McCartney, who are not members, rolled up one night and were denied entry.  When they say members only, clearly they mean it.  With all the formalities though of entry into Annabel’s, one you’re past the admissions committee, this place is a good time.  This is a place you dance like no one is watching; Annabel’s is known to bring in the best DJ’s from around the world.

Aman Club

The Crowd:  The absolute top of the food chain, with no BS


Maybe the most well-rounded of the exclusive clubs, Aman Club is set within select city hotels of the luxurious Aman properties.  The biggest buzz is the opening of their club in the flagship New York City hotel in the Crown building.  The opening date is set to be around May 2022 give or take, but membership is already full.  You’re not going to buy, bully or bribe your way into Aman Club.  However, if you’re one of the G.O.A.T. quarterbacks, super models, cool finance guys or girls, top actors and philanthropists, you have a shot. Your reward is going to be one of the most beautiful of the private clubs in the world, from New York, Tokyo, and Saudi, to start.

Cipriani Club

Casa Cipriani

The Crowd:  Successful professionals across all industries 


Casa Cipriani may be the most inclusive of the most exclusive private clubs in the world.  Set in a historic maritime building from 1906, the club has a hotel, private gym and lounge area that goes from day to night.  So  you start out with your laptop during the day, and end with cocktails in the evening.  It’s a good scene, not pretentious and a good time. You’ll see everyone from CEOs at business dinners to some questionable age differences in the men and their companions for the evening.  Either way it’s entertainment.

5H London

5 Hertford 

The Crowd:  Old money


Affectionately known as 5H to its members, 5H is all the makings of your perception of one of the most exclusive private clubs in the world.  You only get in here if you know someone, and you can convince them to vouch for you on their family lineage.  It’s also arguably the most exclusive of the London private clubs, which speaks volumes.  Their restaurant Lulu’s is where the top of the global food chain gathers and an experience if you can make it past the front door.

Malibu House

Malibu House

The Crowd:  The Hollywood & Super Model Set


Malibu House is part of the Soho House private club group, but it’s its own entity.  As if a 25,000 person wait list for Soho House wasn’t hard enough, Malibu House is only offered to a select few.  It’s essentially all Super Models and the top of the Hollywood food chain.  So in other words, a guaranteed celebrity sighting.  Of all the most exclusive private clubs in the world, this one really is, members only.

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