The Best Scrambled Egg Recipe


Soft Scrambled Eggs

Can an egg dish be life-changing? The answer is yes because this one is. From Gordon Ramsay himself, these soft scrambled eggs are a universal crowd pleaser, the empirical evidence of which is that every kid we’ve served it to has asked for seconds. One even went on YouTube to figure out how to make these on her own.  This hands down, is one of the best scrambled egg recipes out there.

Some Props:

I rarely come up with these brilliant ideas on my own.  This scrambled egg recipe is actually from my friend Isabel, who is one of our original Contributing Co-Founders of Galavante.  Isabel has a beautiful home in the Hamptons, where I am a lucky guest during the summer time.  Isabel learned the technique from Gordon Ramsey, but she was the one to turn me onto the best scrambled egg recipe.  I make this all the time for guests, and it’s the only recipe where I splurge on the yolks.  It goes perfect with everything as simple as chives and Maldon sea salt, to white truffles and caviar.

The Technique

The key to the best scrambled egg recipe is slow-cooking the eggs.  You alternate between medium heat and no heat, every 30 seconds, scrambling all the way home.  So yes, this is like tending to risotto, but the eggs are done in less than 6 minutes.  The ROI on the time spent is well-worth it.

Recipe serves 4 guests


12 Organic eggs
2 tablespoons Organic butter
1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons Creme fraiche
Maldon sea salt
Chives for garnish
Optional: Caviar, white truffles or cheese of choice


First, Let’s Discuss the Pan

If you’re going to do this properly, break out a copper sauce pan.  I use my Mauviel 2 quart or 3 quart.  There are a few reasons to use a sauce pan, and not a skillet.  First, the eggs will cook slower in a deeper sauce pan, and naturally steam to create a richer texture.  Second, the copper conducts heat better than a regular non-stick pan.  The downside though is that the clean up in the sauce pan requires soaking time, as the eggs will stick.  However it’s worth it.

That’s not to say though that you can’t use a non-stick skillet and still get great eggs.  However the chef’s method for the best scrambled egg recipe is old school with a copper pot.  I’ve used both the non-stick skillet and copper pot, and while I can tell the difference, my guests generally can’t.  Both the skillet and pot can achieve delicious eggs.

Let’s Make the Eggs

In your pot or skillet, melt the butter over medium heat.  With a non-stick whisk, scramble the eggs directly in the pot.  Alternatively you can scramble them in a bowl prior to adding to the heat.  The difference like the pot choice is minimal, but if you’re by the book for the best scrambled egg recipe, you scramble in the pot.  Cook for about a minute over the medium heat, then take it off the heat completely.  Continue to scramble the eggs off the heat for another minute.  You may want to set a timer, though with practice you’ll be able to gauge the time by sight.

Place the eggs again over the heat for about 45 seconds to a minute, then take off the heat for another 45 seconds to a minute.  The 15 seconds or so will make a difference; it just depends on how fast your eggs cook.  You want slow-cooked eggs, so keep that in mind as you alternate between heat and no heat.  As the eggs cook, you’ll want to crank down the heat to medium low.  You will also alternate heat and no heat 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off as the eggs cook through.

As the eggs reach soft scrambled about 4-5 minutes later, take them off the heat and immediately add in the creme fraiche.  This ingredient is as critical as the eggs, as it will stop the eggs from cooking.  Garnish with salt, chives and any option toppings like caviar, truffles or cheese.  Serve immediately with soft brioche or a croissant.

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