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If there’s such thing as #tablegoals, the gorgeous tables by Destination Haus are it.  Their bespoke parties are legend in the Hamptons, and set the tone for any good event.  Based in Montauk, this design and lifestyle store creates special occasion clam bakes, luncheons and dinners that look like a dream.  It’s not just about the food; it’s about the experience.  Your guest experience is even more memorable if you know how to set a table properly.

We sat down with Destination Haus Co-Founder Kendra Vellante for her insight on how they create such incredible events.  Kendra shares their top tips for how to set a  table, and therefore the scene for your most memorable meals yet.

Pool Party Table Scape
Photo Courtesy of Destination Haus

Galavante:  What are your 3 top tips for how to set a beautiful table?

Kendra:  First, one of our favorite parts of how to set a table, is to choose a the perfect setting. It’s all about the ambiance! We always love to set up at a beautiful home, backyard space, and beach.

Second, another quality about our tables that really make them stand out is the florals.  We work with our in-haus floral designer, H. Bloom flowers.   They curate each bud vase and centerpiece to bring our visions to life.

Lastly, support local & global! Everything that comes from our tabletop is made by a local artist or artisan community.  For example, our wineglasses are each handmade and painted with 14K gold leaf by our Aunt, who is an art teacher.   Our plates are made by a friend who combines crushed glass, porcelain, and 14K gold.   She studied at RISD and makes plates exclusively for DH in the Hamptons. Our napkins are made by a small local artisan community in India.  And our tablecloths are made right in Lazy Point Amagansett,  by a local artist whose company goes by Lazy Tide.  The first step in how to set a table is get the right equipment.

Destination Haus Beach Table Setting
Photo courtesy of Destination Haus

Galavante:  What are the essentials you need to set a table?

Kendra:  This depends on where your table is set.   If you’re at the beach, obviously the most comfortable pillows, poufs, and blankets. Tabletop décor (i.e. shells, coral, pinch pots) also add special little touches that most people don’t think about when you set a table traditionally.

Also as they say, lighting is everything.  Candles enhance a theme and color scheme.  For example, if you’re at the beach, we love  natural sea-inspired candles with aquas, light blues, greens.   To add a visual pop, we always include a print.  Whether it comes from our Indian block printed napkins, or tie dye Lazy Tide table cloth, it’s always nice to bring in a print.  How to set a table is about the details, and candles and prints enhance the scene.

Galavante:  Where do you place the wine and water glasses in relation to the plate?

We always confuse the placement of the wine and water glass.  That’s part of what adds to the visual diversity of our tables.  We don’t really “follow the rules” when it comes to table top design. We put both the wine glass and water glass on the same side (to compliment one another), on the right side.

Galavante:  What is the one or two items to invest in, for your tablescapes?

Kendra:  Our tabletops are all very customized. My brother-in-law, who builds movie sets, custom made our tables.  They are the perfectly “socially distant” sized and they are all environmentally friendly.

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Galavante:  In how to set a table, would you suggest place cards or no place cards?

Kendra:  This is really up to you; there’s no right or wrong. When you choose to have place cards, we have an in-house designer who paints shells from the beach with gold on handmade paper.  The place cards are gorgeous.  If you’re interested, you can order them directly through us. The more décor the merrier, we like to say.

Galavante:  Everyone loves gifts!  What would you suggest for a small gift for each guest? 

Yes, this is a great idea and commonly used by our guests. A great walk away gift is our signature Destination Haus candle (citrus-basil or salt air).  Each one is wrapped beautifully with dried flowers and ribbon. We love a  little takeaway to remember such a special evening curated by DH.

Galavante:  Thank you so much for these amazing tips.  Though we do have to say, no one does it better than you.  We may just have to call you up for our parties this summer.  

Check out Destination Haus at their store in Montauk and on their website for more of the best tablescape decor items.

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