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Legos for You and All Your Friends

Joelle Mentis, Writer

Ever wonder where all your family friends have gone for the weekend, as no one seems to be around? Well, if they’re staying local, there’s a good chance that they’re at the new Legoland. This Mecca for kids is about an hour from practically every destination in the tri-state area.…
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Dewberry Hotel-feature

The Dewberry Hotel, Charleston

Rohan Vasa, Writer

Overview Now that the Belmond Hotel has officially exited Charleston, this charming southern town was in need of a luxury hotel option. Enter The Dewberry, which strikes a fine balance amongst luxury, interior design, and a cool vibe atmosphere. The Dewberry Hotel is located right next to Marion Square, and in its short tenure, is already a Charleston landmark. Early word on the street is it may even be one of the coolest design hotels in the U.S.…

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