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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

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There are some countries that inspire an entire genre of home décor. Morocco makes the list because after spending a weekend at the Royal Mansour, you at least need a tea set to bring home. Other designs though are more ambitious, with bone inlay armoires. These are the places closer to home, to bring a bit of Morocco home with you.

Moroccan style is alluring with its indulging rich colors, fabrics, and details. Celebrities from Shay Mitchell, Ellen Pompeo, Yves Saint Laurent, and Sue Wong deck out their homes (both here and in the States) with Moroccan interiors. Moroccan-inspired style is a gateway into ancient royalty, that modern-day royals gravitate to.

What is Moroccan-inspired style?

Moroccan architecture and design have a rich history dating back to 110 BCE. Furthermore, today the design is an amalgamation of hundreds of years of different rulers. The Berbers, native to Morocco introduced large practical buildings and luxurious patterned rugs.  Moreover, this is traditionally associated with the Moroccan style. However, Moroccan style has gained Zellij, an eye-catching form of tile work that decorates structures.

Firstly, patterns and floral “arabesques” satisfy the Islamic tradition of non-representational art. Moreover, this can be seen in wood carvings, on pillows, and rugs. Likewise, Moorish influence from Spain brought about clover-shaped arches. This is a characteristic of Moroccan spaces today and shaped the architecture, and is a feature in Moroccan interior decor. Finally, the most recent French occupation standardized many aspects of Moroccan architecture, which contributes to the development of a ubiquitous cultural aesthetic.

Lastly, the complex and ancient history of Moroccan design traditions is mixed with unique elements. However, they differ from the contemporary minimalist style. Moroccan spaces celebrate luxury materials that feel both luxurious and signify luxury.

Moroccan Sabra

In fact, sabra, or cactus silk, is the ancient cruelty-free alternative to silk that immediately elevates your space. Firstly, silky fibers made from a Saharan Aloe Vera succulent plant are woven to create a wrinkle-free fabric used to make cushions, blankets, and rugs. Secondly, sabra has the advantage of shine and softness that make it irresistible to touch. Lastly, it has a durable quality that other silks don’t have. In conclusion, you need one of these Moroccan-inspired pillows.

Turquoise Moroccan Sabra Pillow


This NYC design studio is one of the only places to find hand-picked authentic pieces in the city.

Metal Latticework Lamps

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of design. And large, rustic, Moroccan brass lamps make for statement centerpieces. Smaller lanterns make for cool accent pieces. But some lamps have stained glass pieces which will give your space a warm, colorful light.


$ 650
Dounia Home has a showroom in Midtown, with a wide array of Moroccan pieces. The company has furnished spaces for high-end companies. But they are a small company that is committed to selling high-quality handmade pieces.

Bone Inlay Dressers

It’s easy to forget about your dresser, as they are often simply a functional accessory designed to set the stage for other design elements. However, in Morocco, no detail goes unembellished, no matter how functional. Most importantly, bone inlay has an invaluable look, with its intricate mosaic tiles. And although they can be heavy and expensive, they make the most incredible statement piece that catches the eye by surprise.


A handmade bone inlay dresser is easier to find than you might think. This one from Anthropologie doesn’t break the bank and is available for order. In fact, Moroccan-inspired style walks the line between mainstream and niche. Therefore, it avoids being labeled as a trend.

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