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Stella McCartney Glasses

Abigail Hanley, Staff Writer

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Some people are just good at everything. You know Stella McCartney for her clothing, but she’s branched into home in a venture with her sis Mary and the Macallan brand. They weren’t messing around either; their glassware line is made by an artisan from Tuscany, who has been in the biz for 800 years. And they’re just so darned pretty. This is a first look at Stella McCartney’s glasses, which you may just need in your life. 

Stella McCartney’s Glasses

We all know  Stella McCartney as a fashion designer, but she’s trying her hand at something new: Glassware design. In partnership with her sister and Macallan (yes, as in the whisky Macallan), Stella has a new glassware line. The Together Collection that you may just need on your bar cart at home.

All-Natural Glassware

You can bet that her principles in fashion transcend to Stella McCartney’s glasses. The eye-catching glasses are made in Colle di Val d’Elsa, Tuscany by a group of master artisans. These guys have been doing their thing for something like 300 years. So while Stella McCartney’s glassware is new, the quality and experience behind it is not. The collection includes two tumblers, a water jug, and an ice bucket complete with brass tongs. Each piece is handmade and features both the logo of the McCartney sisters and that of The Macallan. Of course, her natural principles from her fashion designs transcend to the Stella McCartney’s glasses.

The makeup is pure and all-natural and originates from sand found in Switzerland. The colors of the lifestyle set are a deep forest green and a soft amber, which represents the McCartney sisters’ love of nature. It also plays off the color of the whiskey (Macallan of course) for the full experience of enjoying a glass.

The Meaning Behind it All

The shapes of the hand-crafted glassware hold a symbolic meaning. The shapes of Stella McCartney’s glasses are round at the base and square on the top. The unique shape represents the McCartney sisters’ creativity and their respective careers. The round base mirrors the shape of the earth. This represents Stella’s passion for sustainable fashion. The square symbolizes Mary’s love of photography.

Hand-Painted Ceramics

The Together Collection includes six ceramic pieces, all expertly hand-painted to match the glassware. The pieces are made in Florence, Italy in a press mold before firing them in a traditional oven. The ceramics include a flask wrapped in an apple leather sleeve and two ice stamps. They come in a wooden presentation box and three handmade bowls. Of course, the ceramic pieces complement the glassware.

Bold Brassware

The Together Collection also includes three pieces of brassware. Top artisans worked their magic to transform molten brass into tasteful home decor. The pieces include a napkin weight molded to resemble an acorn. There’s also a tray with an inlay created from apple leather and a lambswool blanket. Each piece features the same shades of green and gold used in the glassware and ceramic pieces.

Get Your Hands on the Collection

Stella McCartney’s glassware makes for a special gift, as it’s not easily accessible. You need to fill out the form on Macallan’s website. From there, fingers crossed, these unique glasses will make it to your home collection.

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