For Your Home: Feng Shui Your Space


The start of a new year is an excuse for getting out with the old and in with the new. There’s something about resetting energy that offers endless possibilities. But did you know there are areas of your home that represent wealth, health and happiness? The placement of a plant, some believe, can shift your fortune. These are the top Feng Shui tips to get you off on the right foot this 2022.

Clear the Mess

Before you even start with the top Feng Shui tips, clear the mess.  You want your home cleared to the point you make Marie Kondo proud. Even if your home isn’t from an episode of hoarders, we all have things we don’t need.  Get rid of the magazines and piled up mail.  Clean out your pantry, and all the stale odds and ends hanging around.  Recycle papers and old documents you will never look at again. Get into your bathrooms and take all the junk out of your cabinets including old makeup you’ll never use.

A clean, de-cluttered house is the foundation to your top Feng Shui tips.  You can’t really elevate your home decor, Feng Shui or not, until this is done.  It’s not just about clearing mess though.  A clean house allows good energy flow and you don’t hold onto feelings and emotions that will bog you down.  So let it go, both emotionally and physically.  It’s one of the most important and top Feng Shui tips.

Entry Way

First impressions are everything, and the first of the top Feng Shui tips start the moment you enter.  Never leave garbage to take out, old boxes or anything that is not functional or decorative in your foyer.  Books can be nice decorative touches but also inspire learning in your home.  Something black will help you also retain your wealth, and no mirror should face your door as it will reflect the good energy out of your home.  For top Feng Shui tips, a beautiful flower  arrangement or plant also allows good energy and sets the tone.


Plants bring good energy to your home, but only if they’re placed in the right spots.  They can energize, inspire, bring life and also impact wealth.  There is a specific wealth corner of your rooms as well, so consult the right Feng Shui expert as each home is unique.  The one controversial of the top Feng Shui tips is whether or not to have plants in your bedroom.  Our advice is if there’s this much discussion around it, leave it out.  There is a wood element to plants that some say elevate your energy, and a bedroom is where you need to sleep.  In lieu of plants, we actually think fresh cut flowers in bright beautiful colors are a better option.

Bed Placement

You should be able to see your door for security purposes where possible.  However, you don’t want your feet to point towards the door because there’s a philosophy that indicates death.  No one wants that, (in fact, the opposite) so consider this one of your top Feng Shui tips.


In your office, photos when placed in beautiful organized frames are not clutter.  In fact, for your office, your family photos, especially in the wealth corner, bring good luck.  It’s all positive vibes to have photos of your kids and those nearest and dearest to you as inspiration at the office.  The office is also where you probably spend as much time as your bedroom or more, so make it beautiful.

Wealth is Wealth

Last but not least, set yourself up for financial success.  For your next birthday put a money tree on your wish list, for a friend to buy for you.  Don’t buy this yourself though; you should receive a money tree as a gift to get that luck energy. Also, there’s more than common civility to put that toilet seat down gents.  Keep the entire lid even on your toilet as it helps retain your wealth versus letting it escape.

The wealth corner of your home, which as you stand at your bedroom door is the far left corner.  However, homes are not necessarily straight forward so it’s best to have a Feng Shui expert advise.  In this area, something purple, your plants and running water create the perfect wealth corner.

In your kitchen, make sure that your stove is running in tip top shape.  This means your wealth is in solid order.  Also add in a bowl of oranges in the kitchen which additionally stack the wealth odds in your corner.

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