Camp Sarika at Amangiri

Camp Sarika Ubah Hassan

This time last year, we were all just trying to steer the course. It seems like only yesterday we were managing an unthinkable pandemic and trying to keep everyone from losing their s—. But 2021, you’re looking up. Way up. And wow, we appreciate travel more than ever. We can’t think of a better place to emerge from the pandemic than at Amangiri’s Camp Sarika. This is a road trip with Christine Drinan and RHONY Ubah Hassan at Amangiri.

This Weekly is about learning something new, seeing the world, and maybe improving yourself. Why can’t we dream of emerging from the pandemic smarter, healthier and happier? So let’s start with Aman, which is always a good idea. Welcome to Camp Sarika. Think of it as summer camp, but for adults. And a lot more luxurious than sleep-away camp. For four days, Christine Drinan and RHONY Ubah Hassan explore Amangiri and show you around.

Inside Camp Sarika 

Camp Sarika is part of the Amangiri compound on 600 acres of mesas in Canyon Point, Utah. Christine Drinan and Ubah Hassan take you inside Camp Sarika’s tents for a tour of our two bedroom luxury tent. While every room is special at Amangiri, we love the backyards of Camp Sarika. Besides a plunge pool, chill-out loungers and a dining area, there’s a fire pit, which is perfect for s’mores. And we haven’t even talked about the view. You’ll have to watch the video because words won’t do it justice. This is definitely glamping, but only at a level Aman can achieve. Camp Sarika is right up there with the most beautiful African safari lodges. Christine Drinan and Ubah Hassan know too; they’ve been to Africa together and attest that Camp Sarika measures up.

Camp Sarika Ubah Hassan

Our guest star, RHONY Ubah Hassan at Amangiri made the entire trip. You won’t miss her in our tour. Ubah is the impossibly beautiful soul, both inside and out. After all, Ubah fits right in. Amangiri is the getaway for Emily Ratajkowski, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and a whole host of other celebs. It would actually be easier to name those celebs who haven’t visited Amangiri.

Those Pancakes, Though

So what makes Camp Sarika so special? Besides Aman, whose hotels are next level and an automatic home run, this property has heart. There is something beautifully spiritual about the land, which has a rich Navajo history. Then there are Chef Anthony Marazita’s pancakes. Seriously, these pancakes are life-changing, and we even have his secret ingredient and recipe on Galavante. Camp Sarika — this is one to put on your list.

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Ubah Hassan at Camp Sarika

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