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Ubah Hassan

What makes us so unique at Galavante is you – our Tastemakers and First Class Members, who are the real Working Jet Set Travelers, curating and sharing your favorite recommendations around the world.  Our featured Tastemaker this week is Ubah Hassan, who yes, on the outside is supermodel perfection, but inside her beauty is even brighter.  Ubah warms any room she walks into with her energy and inclusiveness.   She is our Tastemaker for many reasons, including her curiosity for the world and openness to try new experiences.

Galavante;  As a model, you get to travel all over the world.  What is your favorite destination?

Ubah:  I love to travel, which is why I love Galavante.  I have two favorite places.  The first is Whistler in British Columbia.  I enjoy the charming village and it is great to visit year-round. I also like Marrakech in Morocco.  This destination appeals to my adventurous side.  It’s an eye-pleaser; you’ll even feel compelled to take pictures of the trash (everything is stunning).

Galavante:  Where is your most exotic destination you’ve traveled?

Ubah:  Exotic is all relative.  I grew up in Africa and you as an American may consider that exotic.  For me, my most exotic place I’ve traveled is Maui  in Hawaii.  As a young child I never dreamed of a place so beautiful and it is worth the 10 hour travel time from NYC.

Galavante:  What is your travel philosophy?

Ubah:  Learn to go with the flow. So what if your flight is delayed or your room is not ready to check in? In the end, we will only remember the moments that stole our hearts and warmed our being. Learn to be present and grateful – You are either heading to a relaxing vacation or coming back from one… Lucky you!

Galavante:  So Ubah, your energy is legendary.  Where do you get your energy?

Ubah:I am an extremely happy person by nature.  It’s not that I don’t have bad days or that my life is better than anyone else’s. I can assure you, my therapist could attest that my days can be exponentially more hectic or sad at times than the last person who sat in her chair. Fortunately, since I was a little girl I have always managed to find the light in any situation. Most importantly, I gravitate toward people and things that bring out the best of me. This includes the character of New York City.

Galavante:  What makes New York so special to you?

Ubah:  As a New Yorker, it makes me so happy to know that if I’m jet lagged, I can go alone to watch a comedy show ‪at 2am. Not a lot of single girls outside of New York City have that option. I also feel as if I can travel to a different country any night of the week here in New York by simply dining out in little Italy or Korea town.

I can even go to a spa ‪at 4am to get a pedicure (and truly, it’s a legitimate spa). These are just a few New York City perks. So why would I not be happy? Ultimately I feel blessed just to have drinkable, clean water within a few steps from my tiny, bright living room. I’m forever grateful for also the little things.

Galavante:  You have an incredible outlook on life.

Ubah:  You see, I live and breathe for worldly interaction and culture. I’m so grateful to be living in New York City because I seriously have a United Nations circle of friends right in my backyard.

This alone has shaped me to be a better, happier human being. And with every friend I have made here in New York they have helped me to understand their nationality, culture, happiness and how they deal with their daily ups and downs. In short, New York City has helped me become a student of humanity.

Galavante:  Well you are inspiring to us Ubah.  Our readers can’t wait to see what adventures you have in store.

Ubah:  Many thanks to the Galavante team for making me a part of the family.   I’m excited to be the Global Tastemaker for I hope I can introduce you to something new and fun about this amazing city and all my trips around the world.

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