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If you’ve ever been on something called Instagram, chances are  you’ve heard of makeup artist Nam Vo, and her “glow jobs”.  Get your mind out of the gutter; we mean Nam’s signature technique of brushing highlighter across your cheekbones to make you an ethereally luminescent goddess. She’s worked with everyone from Kylie Jenner, to Rosie Huntington-Whitley to Chrissy Teigen. But, it’s all just “dumplings” to her. One of the things we loved so much about Nam is no matter how high her star rises, she’s the same Nam.

Nam’s coined phrase, “dewy dumplings”, and the clever ways she integrates it into her beauty and life advice, have made her an Instagram sensation.  This is the girl who when we met her six years ago, was doing bridal and strip club makeup.  Yes, seriously.  But we knew back then she was something special.  We couldn’t think of a better person to get advice from, now we’re working in a virtual world.

Galavante:  We met you when you were just up and coming 6 years ago.  How did you hit it so big?

Nam Vo:  Not to sound cliché, but I dew what I love.  Dewy Dumplings became a natural extension of me and became my brand on Instagram.  What I find is when you are sincere in what you are dewing, people pick up on that.  I didn’t spend money on some expensive social or digital  media firm or put together a business school strategy plan; I just expressed who I was and did my thing, which is makeup.

Galavante:  Well, keep on dewing what you’re dewing, as your success has been incredible to watch. Speaking of dewing what you’re dewing, we need some advice.  We are on a lot of Zoom calls nowadays, which means that it’s gotta be business on the top, though as we’ve seen, some people are all about party at the bottom.  What are you top tips for looking good on camera?

Nam Vo:  There is nothing more flattering than natural light, so move your computer close to the window for a natural glow.  Also use a lighter concealer under your eyes as you’re pixelated on Zoom, and you can look a little dull on screen.

Galavante:  What’s next for the Dewy Dumplings empire?

Nam Vo:  I’m in a good zone right now, even in quarantine, although I’m not able to see clients, it’s been inspiring to work on Instagram and Tik Tok with my incredible #dewydumplings around the world. If I can continue to bring some humor and outlet for people during this pandemic, than like how I’ve built my company over the past four years, Dewy Dumplings will continue to evolve.

Galavante:  So what will be your first outing when our Stay at Home restrictions are lifted:

Nam Vo:  I may be a California girl, but my heart, soul and spirit are all  New York.  What I love so much about New Yorkers is no matter what happens in life we always glow on.  You can never kill the spirit of NYC.  When we do come out, I can’t wait to get to Filomena Restaurant & Bar 3.

Galavante:  Well we’re buying dinner. How about your first trip?

Nam Vo:  I will probably go to London when we can travel abroad for work and some personal stuff, but before then, likely LA.  I love New York, but it will be nice to start traveling again, and most importantly, be on the other side of the pandemic.  Stay strong, Dewy Dumplings.


Since our interview with Nam  Vo, she has gone on to immense success. Currently she has her own Nam Vo Glow Box for Macy’s, which you can purchase here.  Keep dewing what you dew Nam; we are so proud to know you.

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