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Kitchen Confidential – 3 Essentials You Need

kitchen essentials

New year, new resolutions. If any of them have to do with elevating your cooking game (or at least your TikTok cooking videos), then these three tools are must-have kitchen staples. You’ll be making your own bread, blending your daily protein shake and chopping like a pro. Here are three kitchen essentials.

The Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

If there was ever a kitchen hero of the pandemic, it was the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.  We learned to make bread and cakes when all the bakeries closed, put on the pasta attachment for fresh noodles, and literally whipped up homemade whipped cream, which went great with berries.  This is a must in the kitchen if you’re doing any baking, and it looks darned pretty.

The Cuisinart Food Processor

If there’s one kitchen tool you need to buy right off the bat, it’s your food processor.  In seconds you can make everything from fresh hash browns for brunch, to cole slaw (recipe to come soon), to pie crust and dips.  We used the food processor until we finally saved up to invest in a Vitamix, and still use the food processor for anything non-blended today.  It’s also the most affordable on our list of kitchen essentials, and your gateway to getting all the right equipment.

The Vitamix

Before we invested in the Vitamix, which is not an inexpensive blender, we wondered if it was worth it.  We can confirm that it is; we will never have to buy another blender again.  Our Vitamix is the first thing we touch in the morning, even before we make coffee or tea.  It is also a game-changer with blending soups, which even without cream or dairy take on a totally different texture with the Vitamix.  Save up for this one – it’s worth it.

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