Escape with Christina Milian

Interview by Hilary Sheinbaum

Christina Milian is a jet-setting triple threat: singer, actress, and TV host. When she’s not traveling for work, shooting music videos, and appearing on The Voice or Dancing with the Stars, Christina is spending time with her daughter Violet — which is why the “AM to PM” artist recently teamed up with Kimberly-Clark Family UNity (FUN), a partnership giving families a chance to create their own family song.

Christina hopes to do more traveling with her little one (and the rest of her family) in the near future, but not without an iPad to entertain the baby! Read on for our exclusive interview about freezing in France, jet ski adventures and where she wants to visit next.

Galavante: Do you travel a lot with your family?

Christina Milian: My sisters and my mom came out one time to France when I was shooting a music video. That was the first time traveling out of the country. It was raining and it was cold, but it was still fun because it was with my family and we were all together. We don’t really get to do a lot of vacations. We’ve gone to the Bahamas: me, my mom and my sisters. Just last year, my mom and my daughter Violet, we went to Jamaica for work. We’re a family that works so hard. We don’t get to travel a lot as a family. We do like Atlantis, though. That was fun.

Galavante:What did you do there?

Christina Milian: We took jet skis out, probably a little bit too far. That’s the only thing. We took the jet skis out on the water, and our friends who were with us dared us to go much farther – out to the dolphin cove. Halfway through, you kind of realize you’re in the middle of an ocean on a jet ski. It’s no fun when all of a sudden your jet ski decides to drown underwater! You have no choice. It’s very scary. We went out with four jet skis and came back with two.

Galavante: Did they have to go out with a boat and get them?

Christina Milian: They took jet skis out there and hooked up to go save them, but we were definitely guilty of taking them a little bit too far. The problem with mine was it wouldn’t stop! I had to jump off of mine, and I ended up hanging off the edge of a pier with my hands. It was a James Bond move.

Galavante: When was this?

Christina Milian: About five years ago.

Galavante: What are your essential carry-on items when flying?

Christina Milian: My essential carry-on items in my bag, which are not only essential for myself, but for my daughter: my iPad, a nice little moisturizer, hand lotion, a good pair of socks is necessary because I like to take my shoes off and kick back, and then the rest of the time, I carry snacks in my bag.

Galavante: What kind of snacks do you usually bring with you?

Christina Milian: I go for a trail mix, or a sandwich at the airport.

Galavante: Besides the iPad, what else do you bring for your daughter – to entertain her on a flight, or maybe during a road trip?

Christina Milian: The iPad is everything, but I do have a DVD player you can in your car. That’s really convenient. I bought her princess movies, so she can watch that. I bring a nice playlist, headphones.

Galavante: Besides movies, what kind of apps is your daughter using, if any?

Christina Milian: She’s using a lot of learning apps. She plays an interactive game where you cut hair.

Galavante: Where’s a place you haven’t traveled to but want to visit?

Christina Milian: I’d love to go to Fiji. I hear Fiji’s beautiful.

Galavante: What would you like to do there?

Christina Milian: Relax, put my phone down, get a tan and drink lots of mojitos and daiquiris!

Galavante: What’s your next trip coming up?

Christina Milian: I don’t have one, actually. I’m hoping to maybe to go to Cabo, or something, with my girlfriends, or maybe do a family trip, but we have to plan it.

Galavante: What was something you purchased on vacation that you’re so glad you bought?

Christina Milian: I bought some really pretty jewelry in Turks and Caicos not too long ago. I almost passed it up, and I’m glad I didn’t because it ended up being a really good deal, and I’d like to pass it on to my daughter. I’m glad I got a good deal. They’re pretty, really nice rings, and it’s something I definitely wouldn’t have bought anywhere else.

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