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We’ve loved exploring our own country because, holy mole, there are some destination-worthy restaurants and hotels in the USA. Santa Fe is the complete package, so if you haven’t been, hightail it there this year. Sazon, one of the top restaurants in the US, is a big reason why. You will seriously want to go savage and lick every last bit of mole off your plate. Eating at Sazon, Santa Fe is one dining experience you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

One of the Best Restaurants in the Country

Chef Fernando Olea, originally from Mexico City, is the mastermind behind Sazon, Santa Fe. Since 1991 he has been serving up the best Mexican cuisine around. So it’s no surprise to us that he was a semifinalist for the James Beard Award. Chef Olea prides himself on creating bold flavors using Old Mexico’s culinary traditions and ingredients from around the world. You can tell when someone puts love and passion into your food, and that’s what you get, from the moment you walk into Sazon.

Interior of Sazon Santa Fe Mexican restaurant.

The Atmosphere

We visited Sazon when COVID restrictions meant dining was only available in their courtyard. That didn’t bother us at all. The courtyard becomes a candlelit intimate oasis, which is both warm and friendly at the same time. The staff made it feel like you were sitting in the dining room, enjoying the fabulous Mexican décor and taking in the smells of the kitchen. If you don’t have a reservation you’ll be very lucky to get a table. So plan ahead and make a reservation today, because this is one of the best restaurants in town. And competition is stiff in Santa Fe.

The Star of the Show: The Food

Chef Olea always sends out a compliment of the house to kick things off. On our night this was a quartet of the most delicious moles we have ever tasted. These ranged from sweet to smoky to spicy. Moles are a regional dish from the heart of Mexico, with some moles containing over 30 ingredients. Chef Olea plays on traditional flavors, but he has also created his own “New Mexico Mole” to commemorate Santa Fe’s 400 year anniversary. The moles come highly recommended by everyone who dines here. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you may start out with grasshoppers in a chile de arbol. Or the Xochimilco, a savory corn truffle over mini tortillas. The menu changes, but there is usually an enchilada, which you absolutely should add to the table to share. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to visit when the shrimp enchilada is on the menu. 

The beef tenderloin is very tender and perfectly cooked. It will be one of the best steaks you’ll ever eat at a restaurant. Sazon uses locally sourced produce and meats in all of their dishes, which you can taste in every bite. Since this is a Mexican restaurant, Tequila is very popular, but they have a very tasty wine list too. Whatever you order from the menu, you’re in for the best dining experience of your life. 

If you are interested in tasting some exceptional tequila though, Sazon offers speciality tequila flights during a tasting session, which needs to be pre-booked. The tasting session also includes some of Sazon’s famous mole and Sangrita. 

There’s Also To-Go

Since reservations are hard to come by at Sazon, there’s an option to order from the takeout menu instead. It has a more casual selection of Mexican street food like tacos and tostadas. Sazon may be a restaurant, but Chef Olea and his staff go above and beyond to make this fine dining experience one you won’t soon forget.


Q: Who owns Sazon, Santa Fe?

A: Chef Fernando Olea, who hails from Mexico City. He established Sazon in 1991 and since then, Sazon is one of the best restaurants in Santa Fe.

Q: Do you need reservations at Sazon?

A: If you want to eat in this century, yes. Although Sazon is a long-time classic restaurant in Santa Fe, it’s still one of the hardest tables to reserve in town. Plan ahead; you do not want to miss the Sazon dining experience.

Q: What are the hours of operation?




Sazon Information

Address: 221 Shelby St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Phone number:   5059838604

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