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It’s All About America – Favorite US Wines

Bryant Family Vineyards

Favorite US Wines

No matter what happens this week, we think it’s time to break out those baller wines you have been saving for a special occasion. Or go out and splurge on the best there is, because if this year has proven anything, it’s that the show must go on. These are our favorite US wines, and they’re saying “drink me” now.

Bryant Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s impossible that on maybe the most iconic piece of Pritchard Hill land in Napa Valley, that Bryant Family would not be producing one of the best cabernets in the United States.  It will set you back $800+ dollars if you can get on their coveted distribution list, but yes, it’s worth it.

Sean Thackrey, Andromeda

This is not Napa.  Instead, in the small town of Bolinas, California, one of the most brilliant and eccentric winemakers, the eponymous Sean Thackrey himself, makes wine named after the constellations, and inspired by the winemakers 600+ volumes of old and ancient texts.  We know it sounds crazy, but just go with it – the wine is damned good.

Melka Estates, Jumping Goat Vineyard

When people talk about rockstar wine makers, Philippe Melka’s name is first on the list in Napa Valley.  He’s had his hand in the top vineyards in Napa, from Dana Estates, to Brand, to Fairchild. The next move naturally, was his own vineyard. And yes, the wine is rockstar level.

Gramercy Cellars, John Lewis Syrah

From their first vintage some 15 years ago, Gramercy Cellars has been a go-to wine, and unlike a few others on our list, this one is not going to break your bank.  With only 8000 cases produced a year, this is what independent wine makers are all about.  Their John Lewis Syrah is the higher end of their wines, and still within an approachable $80 range.

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