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We’re going to keep reviewing NYC restaurants, because we know these will be back in full force, especially Anton’s, which will be a neighborhood standby.  We’ve never wanted to be in a crowded restaurant more than now.  We’ll also be featuring Anton’s on our Best of NYC delivery, as they are making the true humanitarian move to charge $1 for everything on their menu where all tips above that go to their kitchen staff.  Anton’s – we liked you before, we seriously heart you now.

Good for:

Groups of friends and those in the mood for a casual local spot.


If you knew Frankie’s — Anton’s predecessor — then you know Anton’s. We’re stretched to figure out anything that changed when Anton’s took over. For sure they didn’t upgrade the soundproofing — it only gets louder and harder to hear your fellow diners as the evening gets later. But this is a fun place to enjoy and family-style it up, and it’s a great neighborhood restaurant choice. There’s also a happening bar scene, where those who are single are ready to mingle.

Why we like it:

It’s one of the most polarizing restaurants in New York today, which is why its reviews are all over the map. We were ambivalent about it until the New York Times gave it a pretty unfair review. (But then again, who really cares what the Times thinks? It’s not like you really want to have dinner with their food critics anyway.) Instead, upon revisiting, we realized we like Anton’s for what it is: a great neighborhood spot where people are social, the food is above average, and the service is decent. Maybe the review from the Times was a blessing, as the service had noticeably amped up from decent to trying-much-harder on our post-review visit.

What to order:

The broiled oysters and grilled clams are unexpected delights that make you wonder why more restaurants don’t offer such satisfying dishes. If you’re into chopped livers and hearts, this is the spot to order them. Otherwise, the mixed chicories, hazelnuts, and stilton dish brings salad to a new level and can easily be a meal if you’re laying off the carbs. The hand-cut angel hair Francese is a dark horse of the pastas, while the spinach ravioli with sage butter represents. Skip the spaghetti anchoiade and the linguini with petite clams as both fall short: the anchovy spaghetti needs some breadcrumbs and lemon or something to cut the fishiness, and the linguini and clams just needs something to amp up the flavor.

Check out Anton’s West Village special Stay In, Help Out menu and tip the heck out of their waitstaff until we can all be together again.


Q: Does Anton’s have a brunch menu?

A: Yes, there is a brunch menu.

Q: When is delivery available?

A: Anton’s offers delivery 5-10p.m. Saturday-Tuesday and 12-10p.m. Wednesday-Friday.

Q: What makes Anton’s remarkable?

A: Anton’s the perfect spot to dine with friends, socialize, and enjoy a solid meal. It’s a classic neighborhood mainstay in the West Village.

Anton’s Information

Address: 570 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014


Sunday                  11a.m.-10p.m.

Monday                 5-10p.m.

Tuesday                 5-10p.m.

Wednesday           12-10p.m.

Thursday               12-11p.m.

Friday                     2-11p.m.

Saturday                11a.m.-11p.m.


Phone number:    212-924-0818

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