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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Rosewood Miramar Picnic Beach

Can a picnic be worth taking a helicopter to get there? The answer is a resounding yes. Actually, nine times out of ten, a helicopter makes everything better. These are epic picnics that will put these destinations on your list too.

Rosewood Miramar

Rosewood knows that the only thing that makes champagne better is a gorgeous view. That’s why they’ve partnered with Ruinart, Krug, and Dom Perignon to create picnics of the world experiences inspired both by the beautiful Californian landscape and top-of-the-line champagne.

The Ruinart picnic features an added tour through the property’s art collection of Norman Rockwell, Pablo Picasso, and Mel Bochner. The Krug x Vinyl picnic caters to music lovers and features a unique listening experience that ignites all of the senses and highlights the brand’s refined wine. Dom Perignon rounds out the list with a theatrical black-and-white-themed experience set in the property’s finest settings.

Best of all, the picnics can be set anywhere on the property, from the beach to the lawns.

Rosewood Cape Kidnappers

Though their Miramar experience can elevate a domestic vacation, the Cape Kidnappers destination picnic goes above and beyond. Picnics of the world should showcase the most remote landscapes. This one does. When you’re ready, the team will take you on a four-wheel journey to the edge of Raingaka beach where the shores and cliffs are all that you see. From there, you’re left with a romantic gourmet picnic of delectable favorites.

In addition to your picnic, you can enjoy the authentic NZ experience throughout the Cape Kidnappers property. The beaches and vistas frame a remote farm and set of suites where a quiet and refined elegance is curated. And in true New Zealand fashion, there are endless thrill-seeking activities that will complement the understated ambiance of the resort. Try paragliding, taking a heli tour, or going inland on horseback.

qualia Great Barrier Reef

If you’ve ever fantasized about being dropped off by helicopter on a private beach with a gourmet meal, you’re not alone. You should visit qualia in the Whitsundays. But, picnics of the world also offer the ability to dine in luxury without leaving a trace. In the Whitsundays, qualia picnics ensure that the beach will be as pristinely kept as it was for you for the next person.

Located on the northernmost tip of Hamilton Island, qualia offers a calm and bohemian getaway from the hectic mainland. The destination picnic offering takes these qualities up a notch, bringing you on a relaxed and private excursion catered by the gourmet kitchen.

The event staff keeps a detailed record of all that’s going on in the water and on the beaches, and they’ll pick the most ideal setting based on the day for your picnic. Of course, after you eat, the beach is yours to roam and the ocean yours to swim in. Back on the resort, there are also ample activities like expert spa treatments and heli tours.

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Q: Where is the best picnic in the US?

A: Rosewood Miramar

Q: What can I expect from Cape Kidnappers?

A: An earthy meets beachy vibe where fresh, resort-grown food takes center stage… after the view, of course.

Q: How do I get to my qualia picnic?

A: By helicopter! Or, by boat.

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