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Amangiri Pool View

For those whose parents are reaching 50 years married, you know that some of those were no picnic. That’s life though, and it may not always feel like it, but growing into old age together may be one of the great honors in life. The fact is that relationships are hard work, even when you’re with your one and only. So, when that hard work means you get to go away with your person, that is the best work of all. These are the most romantic hotels to put on the list.


Location: Canyon Point Utah, USA

When you are amongst guests who can go anywhere in the world on their private jets and you meet them at Amangiri, you know a place is special. Amangiri translates to ‘peaceful mountains’ in Sanskrit, and that’s exactly what you get. Surrounded by the majestic canyons in Utah, Amangiri is where you want to be with your person in one of the most luxurious and most romantic hotels in the United States. You can opt to chill by your firepit on the terrace or spend some quality time together in the spa. If you are a couple who is fueled by adrenalin, there are adventures like scaling Ferratas suspended among the rocks. Whatever your choice of romance might be, Amangiri has an activity for that.

post ranch inn2

Post Ranch Inn

Location: Big Sur California, USA

Post Ranch Inn is one of the most romantic hotels in the United States because of its mere setting. This adults-only property is located on the cliffs of Big Sur, right off the Pacific Coast Highway. The Redwood Forest is nearby, in addition to scenic hikes and quaint towns to meander for the day. Or you can just opt to stay within the compound of Post Ranch Inn, which many people do over the weekend.  The restaurant Sierra Mar is perched atop a cliff which gives the feeling of dining in the air.

le toiny2

Le Toiny

Location: St.Barths, Caribbean

If you’re that person dancing on the table at Nikki Beach, you may not think of St. Barths as a romantic place to bring you plus one. However, that’s probably because you haven’t been to Le Toiny, one of the most romantic hotels on the island. Situated in a remote part of St. Barths in the Caribbean overlooking Toiny Bay, Le Toiny is all about getting away from it all. The private Toiny Beach is a hidden spot that can be accessed only through their Beach Club membership, which means that it attracts a more chill crowd. The rooms are conducive to staying in too, as some of the largest stand-alone villa accommodations on the isle, many with plunge pools. You may even opt to skip Nikki Beach on this trip.

Splendido Belmond

Location: Portofino, Italy

If there is any place in the world that defines romance, then this is it. The Splendido is an ode to the Baroness Von Mum who played an important role in saving the village of Portofino in the Second World War. With private terraces and surreal gorgeous views of the Mediterranean, you know you and your sig other have done something right if you make it to Splendido. Everything defines exquisite at Splendido, from the Dior spa, to a romantic Italian restaurant, and that infinity pool. It doesn’t matter who you are, from Jay Z and Beyonce to Madonna and her entourage, Splendido is all things luxury and one of the most romantic hotels in the world.

Celeb Travel The Brando Pool Shot

The Brando

Location: French Polynesia

The Brando is what honeymoons are made of. Situated on the atoll of Tetiaora, this private island is accessible only by a private flight from Tahiti. Once you get there, it’s as beach paradise as it gets. There’s nothing to do but relax and enjoy some quality time with your sig other in one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see in your life. The Brando is one of those places where you want to stop time and enjoy the moment, especially if you’re with your person. This may just be the reason you work so darned hard, both in your career and in your relationship.

Ponta dos Ganchos-feature

Ponta Dos Ganchos

Location: Santa Caterina, Brazil

On the Emerald Coast, surrounded by the Atlantic forest, is the private peninsula of Ponta Dos Ganchos. If you’re the kind of a couple who believe that food is the second best pleasure offered to man, then this is the place you should be. This is a gastronomic riviera with dining options which include a 10-course all-day breakfast. You can even recreate the honeymoon of the Cullens as you head out on boat rides to the nearby islands or discover hidden spots strolling on paths winding through the greenery.

Secret Bay

Location: Dominica, Caribbean

Secret Bay is one of the most romantic hotels in the world that’s also the most challenging to get to, situated on the northwest coast of Dominica, near the town of Portsmouth. The unspoiled island is one of the many reasons that Dominica is actually so special. Secret Bay takes it next level with private stand-alone villas that break it down to what’s important in life. The core of the experience is barefoot luxury, top-notch food, and service that’s personal and adventure. You get all this in a sustainable luxury lodge, which is core to the culture of Dominica.  The restaurant The Zing Zing offers a fusion of Dominican and international cuisines made from locally sourced and organic ingredients.

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