A Bentley Road Trip

Michaela Atiae, Staff Writer

Cheval Blanc Bentley

For those of you who are into road trips, we’re about to take you to Nirvana. By that we mean the Bentley Drive experience, where your ride is a Bentley for four days. Of course, aligning with the Bentley style, you’ll stay in luxury hotels all the way. Because Team Bentley would have it no other way as you make it through the idyllic countryside in your posh ride. And it turns out those who make luxury cars, also plan the ultimate luxury road trip.

The Luxury Road Trip

Bentley is hosting the Extraordinary Journey UK ride carefully curated down to the exact roads for optimal views. For four nights and five days, five lucky couples will take the ride of a lifetime. If you’re one of those lucky people to snag a spot, you’ll explore the English countryside hopping from one luxury residence to another along the way.

Day I

The Flying Spur. Courtesy of Bentley Motors on Facebook.


You’ll start at the brand’s flagship CW1 House showroom in Crewe for an intimate lunch. After, you’ll head over to the main factory for a tour followed by a locally sourced dinner.

The Crewe Bentley operation is impressive. It’s not just the hype but rather real passion and detail that go into crafting a Bentley. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet the team that custom designs each car down to the stitching on the leather seats.  There’s a reason these cars run the price of your parents’ first home.

Day II

Grantley Hall. Courtesy of the Bentley Motors Website.


On the second day, after a private breakfast and the group has had time to get to know each other, you then pick your choice of Bentley’s latest models for the road trip. Yes, it will be like Christmas came early, so this luxury road trip makes for a special occasion gift too. After you pick your ride, you’ll get to the luxury road trip portion of the experience.

First up, a drive through Yorkshire’s countryside will bring you to your first destination- Grantley Hall. You’ll arrive in time for afternoon tea and spa time, followed by an elegant dinner. We know firsthand that the Bentley team knows how to throw dinner parties. Of course the wine and Scotch will be flowing, since you’re in for the evening.


The Treehouses at Lanrick. Courtesy of The Treehouses at Lanrick on Facebook


After a good night’s sleep and a breakfast of champs, it’s time to hit the road again. This morning will bring you on a road trip through the North Pennines and Northumberland National Park. Your end destination for this day will be a Scotland treehouse, which gets you up close and personal to nature. The Treehouse of Lanrick is tucked away in Trossachs National Park. Of course, there will be a luxurious meal to match underneath the night sky with Chef Nick Nairn.

Day IV

‘Nude and Man with a Pipe’ (1967) Picasso at Fife Arms. Courtesy of Fife Arms on Facebook


Next stop, the Cairngorms. You’ll make a quick intermission at Fife Arms for refreshments. At the Fife, you get to explore the old lodge’s collection of famous artworks and antiques, including Picassos. Then you’re back on the road again. You’re most likely thinking a treehouse, and spa are hard to beat, but pulling up to Macallan Distillery will most likely change your mind. Here you’ll take a tour of the estate, learn about the whisky’s production, and have a well-deserved glass. You’ll finish your stay with a private dinner with your new friends and Bentley family. 

The Fine Print

After the closing dinner, the next day you’ll have a casual farewell breakfast. The Bentley concierge will then help you to get to the airport or your next destination. The dates of the Bentley Drive run from August 19- 23 or September 2-6. The luxury road trip experience is £14,950 per person.

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