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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

Auberge Wildflower Barn Hudson Valley

You know that moment when you realize you’re turning into your parents? Maybe your head hits the pillow before midnight. Or you find yourself non-ironically singing along to Hall & Oates. But before you panic, we have two words for you– fall foliage. Bonus is that the Hudson Valley has a slew of luxe hotels that make the drive well worth it. These are a few of the luxury hotels in the Hudson Valley that you need to know.

The Hotel: Habitas-on-Hudson

The summer camp vibe is still kicking at Habitas-on-Hudson, with much upgraded creature comforts as a luxury Hudson Valley hotel. Their founders encourage you to bring a gaggle of friends with you. This is because the possible activities include astrological readings, storytelling by the campfire, and breath work. And whether or not you are witchy, you’ll need tennis partners. Housed in the renovated Belvedere Mansion, guests stay in either main house or lodge, which are decorated in brightly colored walls and decor. Daily activities include guided hikes and swims in the private pond at this luxury hotel in the Hudson Valley.

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The Hotel: Wildflower Farms, Auberge Resorts Collection

Despite having fewer scheduled activities, Wildflower Farms is more like glamping than other luxury Hudson Valley hotels. Freestanding cabins amidst the forests of Gardiner New York, situate guests up close and personal with nature. The activities include aromatherapeutic forest bathing, which is guided by botanical experts, and 3 milers of wooded trails. But the accommodations lack nothing in terms of luxury, either, with floor-to-ceiling windows, private balconies, and a 5-star spa and gym. The fall brings a slew of new seasonal activities, and the knowledgable staff bring nuance to the changing landscape.

The Hotel: Piaule

Piaule is similar to Wildflower Farms, in that freestanding cabins are the highlight of the whole experience, which, is kind of ideal during fall foliage season. Hudson Valley hotels are known for bringing you close to nature — like — really close. Located on an old quarry, individual cabins surround the main house which houses the gym, spa and restaurant. Where Piaule shines is the dining, which, though comes at a hefty price, is worth it. The establishment is run by the most experienced staff, who run a seamless and upscale ship. The menus highlight technically challenging dishes made from the finest local ingredients.

The Hotel: Hasbrouck House

Hasbrouck House has fewer amenities than most of the other upscale hotels, but it has been regarded as one of the most romantic. Perhaps the simple beauty calls guests to pay attention to each other and nature, rather than activities. However, while they lack a gym, they have a pool and trail hikes. They also have a delicious restaurant, and a 50s theme that reads as subtle. but nonetheless sets the vibe. If there’s a Hudson Valley hotel to make your wedding anniversary vacation destination, this one is it.

The Ranch Hudson Valley

Coming Soon: The Ranch Hudson Valley

Vacationing in the Hudson Valley was born out of the lake-side retreats of our parents, whose popular clubs brought all the partying and water sports. None of that appreciation for the natural landscape has disappeared, although a new kind of vacationing at a Hudson Valley hotel has moved the needle on travel. We’re doing wellness now. The Ranch Malibu is known for their “no option” 3-4 day wellness intensives where small groups (like your c-suite) are guided through exercise and treatment programs designed to reconnect you to your zen. The Hudson Valley location opens officially for wellness programming in March 2024. This Hudson Valley hotel could be the perfect place for that fall pick-me-up during the slump that cooling weather brings.

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