Paris Society’s Hotel – A French Chateau

Christine Drinan, Founder

Abbaye Cernay France

It’s ok if you don’t have your own château in the French countryside. That’s because the guys behind your favorite Parisian haunts of LOULOU and Girafe are lending you a room in theirs for the weekend. And yes, it’s where you want to be. This is a first look at Paris Society’s hotel Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay.

A Little About Paris Society

We remember the time when Paris Society was just a handful of restaurants in Paris. The OG – Monsieur Bleu – was  set in the Palais de Tokyo and immediately became the hottest restaurant in town. It wasn’t just for the young and trendy though; instead Monsieur Bleu attracted all ages. That’s one of the unique aspects of Paris Society, is that it attracts anyone and everyone who is impossibly chic. It’s like a room full of people who are purveyors of good taste. The cornerstone though was always beautiful decor, very good food, trained service and attractive crowd. With that formula, Paris Society has grown to over 70 restaurants throughout France and Europe.

Next Stop: Hotels

It’s a pretty big deal that Paris Society has entered in the hotel game, with the opening of Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay. The magnitude of this move is equivalent to Carbone’s Major Food Group going into hotels. (Which by the way, they have not). Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay is not just a little project though. If we’ve learned anything about Paris Society, they don’t do anything halfway. Set on a massive estate 45 minutes from Paris, this is your chance to live French chateau life.

A Background on the Estate

Paris Society’s hotel is set in a 900 year old former monk’s Abbey. At one point it in the history it was abandoned and doomed to be a rock quarry. That was until the Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild stepped in, and decided to spruce things up a bit. Several generations later, the Abbey des Vaux de Cernay is now under the watchful eye of Paris Society.

The Hotel

Although the Rothschilds are long gone, Paris Society’s hotel still channels major Baroness Charlotte vibes. With 43 rooms and suites, Abbey de Vaux de Cernay is mean to be your getaway to experience chateau life for a few days outside of Paris. There’s of course a spa, yoga classes and a gym to keep you your routine. Oudoors, there’s tennis, fishing, boating and cycling to keep you busy. Or you can meander the estate on a leisurely walk with no specific destination in mind. You know, the simple life, but like you’re a Rothschild.

Food and Drink

Paris Society’s hotel also sticks to what they know, and that’s of course in the restaurant offerings. The top restaurant is Les Classes, which is the formal dining in the original Rothschild hunting lodge. L’Auberge is the country table option and Le Refectoire des Moines is the all-day dining for breakfast and brunch. There’s a new bar in the works as well as an Italian concept. No matter where you chose at Paris Society’s hotel, the original DNA of the group is intact. More than good food, top people watching and a beautiful environment are core to the experience.

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