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La Fiermontina: A Baller Parisian Apartment

Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

La Fiormontino Paris Apartment

For anyone wondering where to spend the holidays, we’re here to remind you that Paris is always a good idea. And there’s a luxury Paris apartment for rent that’s both in and with a panoramic view of the iconic Place Vendome. To call La Fiermontina simply an apartment for rent though is like saying Roger Federer played a little bit of tennis. La Fiermontina is about to set new standards of living for you. Also to call it an apartment like you’re getting an Airbnb makes no sense at all either. There’s no DIY here– this pad is done up like your own personal hotel in Paris. In fact, it’s more luxurious than even some 5-star hotels. This is your chance to live in an 18th Century Palace.

The Overview

La Fiermontina Family Collection is a mini-Empire of family homes in Italy, and Morocco and the luxury apartment for rent in Paris. Two of the siblings within the family had the dream to bring together their family heritage, art, and fine living. The destinations of their properties trace their family history, which includes Uncle Enzo who was married to an Astor. The result is a portfolio of family hotels that are exquisite residences operated as private five-star hotels.

The La Fiermontina has two properties in Lecce, a coastal retreat in Morocco, and a luxury apartment in Paris for rent. It just happens that the family apartment in Paris is right in the Place Vendome. You know, like no big deal.

The Paris Pad

Commissioned in 1698, La Fiermontina Vendome is in good company, as both Picasso and Coco Chanel have been its neighbors. Coco Chanel actually lived in Place Vendome herself. Unlike the other Fiermontina residences which are in less populated towns and cities,  Vendome is in the heart of Paris in an 18th century palace. The art and architecture of the 3rd-floor apartment is a whole exhibit in its own right. Paintings by Modigliani, Francis Bacon, and sculptures by Jacques Zwobada are displayed throughout.

Room for Four

The residence has 2 bedrooms and 200 meters, which in this neighborhood you know is some pretty serious coin. Historical building and palace however doesn’t mean that the experience is stuffy or needs a refurb. The apartment is furnished in a comfortable contemporary style with a palate of greys and modern splashes of color. So, you get your palace living and get to eat your modern cake too. A private chef upon request can facilitate any 5-star meal from the comfort of your apartment.

Outside the Apartment Confines

The first floor of the building is Van Cleef, so you can pop down and pick up a necklace anytime. Also right across the Place Vendôme is The Ritz, for whenever you want to pop by Bar Hemingway for a nightcap or their famous brunch. This area is also one of the best for shopping right by the Rue St. Honore near the original Chanel.  When you’re looking for a scene, whether for lunch or dinner, the Hotel Costes is also your neighbor. So, while you are in a luxury apartment for rent in Paris, you get both the hotel services of La Fiermontina and the luxury hotels nearby.

When you do choose to venture on an excursion, a chauffeur service ensures you never have to navigate public transportation. We know, we can’t unsee that video either of the bed bugs on the Paris Metro. Basically, La Fiormontina keeps the palace theme going, and you get to live like an aristocrat for your stay.

For more details, you know the number, or in this case email at [email protected].

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Q: Where is La Fiermontina located?

A: La Fiermontina is located in the Place Vendome in the heart of Paris in the 8th Arrondissement.

Q: Is La Fiermontina a hotel?

A: La Fiermontina is a luxury apartment for rent in Paris, that has full hotel services.

Q: How many bedrooms does La Fiermontina have?

A: La Fiermontina has 2 bedrooms as a luxury apartment for rent in Paris.

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