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Abigail Hanley, Staff Writer

The Special Private Plane

If you live in the United States, you may just be in the right place, right time. This is the case for many reasons, especially this April 8.  Across the United States, you have prime seats for the total solar eclipse, where the moon will obscure our view of the sun. The next time this happens again on mainland USA is in 2044. This is where to see the total solar eclipse this 2024.

What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

We don’t know about you, but we have fond childhood memories of solar eclipse days at school. It was almost like a holiday, where we’d spend the day learning about the solar system and what an eclipse was all about. Well, now is your chance to give that same experience to your family. The total solar eclipse is set for this April 8, 2024, and there are unique ways to make it into a family affair.

You know your kids will ask, so you have to be prepared. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon fully blocks the face of the sun as it moves between the sun and the Earth. On the magic date of April 8th, there will be a total solar eclipse visible throughout many parts of North America. So why is this a big deal? The next time a total solar eclipse is visible from the United States will be in 2044. Therefore, astronomy enthusiasts and families everywhere should mark their calendars and be prepared for April 8th. The eclipse will move north, being visible from Mexico, the United States, and finally Canada.

Flight 1010
Delta Flight 1010

If you’ve been wondering how best to experience the upcoming total solar eclipse, you may want to consider Delta’s “eclipse flight”, flight 1010, from Dallas-Fort Worth to Detroit. Delta has announced that the flight leaves on April 8th at 12:30pm, arriving at 4:20pm. Flight 1010 is the second of its kind to be announced by Delta. The original “eclipse flight”, flight 1218 from Austin to Detroit, sold out almost immediately. This proves just how many people want front-row seats to see the eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse- NASA

What Are The Other Flight Options?

Although flights 1218 and 1010 are the only two official “eclipse flights”, Delta has confirmed that five more flights will provide a view of the eclipse. The following regularly scheduled flights will get you a prime view and are where to see the eclipse this April:

  • Los Angeles to San Antonio – Flight 2869
  • Salt Lake City to San Antonio – Flight 1001
  • Detroit to New York – Flight 5699
  • Salt Lake City to Austin – Flight 1683
  • Los Angeles to Dallas-Fort Worth – Flight 924 

Total Eclipse
How Else Can I See The Eclipse?

If you’re unable to secure tickets to an eclipse flight, (or you just really don’t like heights), we’ve got you. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the eclipse that don’t involve an airplane. Where to see the eclipse also includes a private boat or at a family-friendly event. Some prime viewing locations are Austin, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Niagara Falls. If you prefer to make it a social event, many “eclipse viewing parties” are open to the public. Just be sure to wear your eclipse glasses. 

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