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Joelle Mentis, Staff Writer

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When you have a backdrop like Italy, you’re almost guaranteed success. On the big screen, no matter what the story is about, at least you know it’s going to be beautiful. These are three movies where Italy was like a supporting, and even lead character.

The Movie: The Tourist

Angelina does her thing as mysterious seductress in The Tourist, a 2010 romantic thriller movie filmed in Italy. Venice acts a destination for the messy unfurling of a chaotic cat and mouse chase. The Venician destinations range from the Rialto fish market, to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. But the main attraction becomes the Hotel Danieli, a 5-star hotel, which, in the movie is spliced next to the Palazzo Pisani Moretta.

The historic 14th century hotel is also ironically a favorite destination for American tourists who might recognize it in the movie. But despite being a well-known hotel for visitors, it is still an ornate and detailed historic landmark in Venice. Think stained glass, marble, chandeliers, and gilded ceilings. Also, a rooftop restaurant overlooking the quintessential canals makes for a destination in its own right.

The Movie: Talented Mr. Ripley

Another film about mistaken identity set in Italy, Talented Mr. Ripley features Venice again, as well as Atrani, Capri, Anzio, Rome, Palermo and Naples. One thing that is not mistaken, is the gorgeous Italian vibe that lends perfectly to a period piece. Atrani, a small 800 person town had the perfect beach. Anzio, an hour outside of Rome offered a seaside backdrop perfect for boat scenes. In Rome the team built sets at a studio. In Palermo, the main character, Tom’s love of Caravaggio is realized at the Oratory of San Lorenzo, as well as in Naples at Pio Monte della Misericordia.

The grander villas and palaces were seen in Venice and Capri. Venice holds the site of the Plazzo Contarini Polignac, an early and impressive renaissance building. Capri, however, olds the site of Dickie’s villa, Villa Torricelli. The property overlooks the sea, and is spread out across three gorgeous residences. If you watch the movie filmed in Italy and notice the wisteria-wrapped pergolas, and white-columned gazebo and think you’d like to stay there, you can. The villa is rentable on Airbnb.

The Movie: No Time to Die

Perhaps the greatest cinematic ode to Italy is No Time to Die, the last film in the James Bond series. Dramatic car chases take place in the town of Matera, a town known for stone. Matera wraps itself around a hillside, with previously abandoned cave-like homes and buildings making up the town. Interestingly, despite its beauty, Matera has only recently seen a resurgence of renovation to the old stone homes. In the 50s the Italian government deemed them inhospitable, and moved residents into more modern accommodations. But since the 80s people have contributed to the development of new restaurants and hotels, and even a swath of Airbnb homes. The town is also now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. For a movie that’s only partly filmed in Italy, it does a great job of portraying the town of Matera.

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Q: Which movies filmed in in Italy feature destinations I can stay in?

A: The Tourist and No Time to Die have Airbnbs as sets.

Q: Which two movies filmed in Venice?

A: The Tourist and Talented Mr. Ripley are two movies that filmed in Italy, and specifically in Venice.

Q: Which Italian destination is a UNESCO heritage site?

A: Matera is featured in the James Bond installment of No Time to Die, and is one of the new iconic movies filmed in Italy.

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