Bar Les Ambassadeurs at the Hôtel de Crillon

Eliya Brennan, writer

In honor of Paris Fashion Week, we’re going old school. As in 133 years old, when the Hôtel de Crillon first opened. Though, if we’re being technical, the building has been around since 1758. No matter, it’s more en vogue than ever, and always a good idea to grab a drink at Hôtel de Crillon’s bar. Here’s the review.



Rosewood’s Hôtel de Crillon’s Les Ambassadeurs is one of the classic fancy places to stop for a drink in Paris. Set in an 18th-century palace with frescoed ceilings, this is as Marie Antoinette as it gets. Tuxedoed waters, lavish setting, and even a celebrity sighting or two, from Madonna to Emily Ratajkowski.


The original construction of the palace dates back to 1758 and was commissioned by King Louis XV. Famed architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel designed the hotel which is situated on the stunning Place de la Concorde.  From the time it transitioned to a hotel, the Crillon was designed to host ambassadors and dignitaries. Renovated in 2013 thanks to architect Chahan Minassian, Les Ambassadeurs has gotten a luxury new life while maintaining its classic charm.

The Atmosphere

One of the main draws of Les Ambassadeurs, which makes it one of the best bars in Paris, is that encapsulates the chic, elegant, and classic attitude that has come to characterize the city.  Frescoed ceilings depict neoclassical interpretations of heaven. The gilded trim and gold-and-white marble paneling offer a regal touch. Smart casual attire is recommended for attendance.  Patrons of all ages frequent the bar, but it is a refined space, most lively on weekend nights. Additionally, Les Ambassadeurs commonly hosts live music.

The Drinks

You’ll find a curated specialty cocktail list and an assortment of non-alcoholic options at the bar. The concoctions are elegant and creative twists on classics, and timeless Les Ambassadeurs’ atmosphere. Our suggestion is to keep it classic with a martini, which is made the old school way. In case you don’t know, under this method,  the bartender rinses the ice with vermouth before shaking the top-shelf gin with olive juice. The result is a clean and crisp dirty martini, good enough for James Bond.

The Service

The bartenders at Les Ambassadeurs are what make the place one of the best bars in Paris. Even their dress reflects the experience, with their sharp and uniform attire, that says they’re in it to make the best cocktails. The bartenders are happy to recommend drinks or the best liquors for mixing into your beverage of choice. More than just casual small talk, you’ll also find that they’re also eager to answer questions about the Crillon and its history. They know their stuff, and keep the peanuts and olives coming.

Overall 9/10.

Les Ambassadeurs is an elegant bar with well-crafted cocktails. This is the spot for an upscale drink before a big night out in Paris, or one last nightcap of the evening.


Q: When is live music offered?

A: There is live music every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday starting at 8 p.m.

Q: Does the bar take reservations?

A: No.

Q: When is the bar open?

A: It is open daily from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m.

Bar Les Ambassadeurs Information

Address: 10 Pl. de la Concorde, 75008 Paris, France

Phone number:  +33 1 44 71 15 17


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