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The Most Luxurious Family Cruise Out There

Mila Grgas

We can’t believe we’re recommending a cruise, but there’s a first time for everything. The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection’s luxurious family cruise looks set to disrupt the cruise industry. The hotel’s private yacht Evrima is set for her maiden voyage this August. Here’s a preview. The Evrima Finally making its…
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Life House Berkshires-feature

Life House Berkshires

Joelle Mentis

A very good reason to hop in the car when you are local this summer is a brand new retreat that’s coming to the Berkshires. A former Days Inn motel, it’s true that it’s had humble beginnings. No matter. There’s nothing like $10 million+ in renovations to make things right. Here’s a preview of the newest destination in the Berkshires. What’s the story? There’s nothing more New England than a writers retreat in the Berkshires. Where else could…

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