Shay Mitchell – One Pretty Little Traveler

By Hilary Sheinbaum, Galavante Contributor
Shay Mitchell

Actress Shay Mitchell Talks Travel Apps and Advice

When Shay Mitchell isn’t posting insanely beautiful selfies on her Instagram, the Canadian model/actress is sharing snapshots of her life as she travels the world. Despite her frequent departures, there’s one place on her bucketlist that she hasn’t been yet (hint: it’s in Europe). The 29-year-old blogger and star of Pretty Little Liars is always jetsetting— but when she’s in New York City, she has her go-to restaurants. In an exclusive interview, Shay gives us the dish…

What’s the most random or cool thing you’ve discovered while traveling? 

I love to take a local road or the long way back from an excursion. That is usually when I find the amazing most randomly beautiful things. In Bali, I remember taking a small local road back to the hotel one day and found these four women in a rice field working and laughing. The site was just beautiful.

What’s the best travel advice you’ve been given? 

Just go. Even if you are hesitant, if there is any part in your bones that is driving you to go somewhere, then do it and really get lost in the adventure. Allow it to change you.  

Tell us about the Delightways App. How do you plan to use it on your next city-adventure?

Delightways is a new app from Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages, which encourages people to rediscover the joy of wandering. After entering your starting point and destination, it provides a unique route, which highlights fun spots along the way – like cool specialty cafes or local boutiques. I plan on using it the next time I’m in New York. I’ve been to that city so many times, but I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface for what it has to offer.

Delightways just launched in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, Seattle, Boston and Atlanta. Where are your favorite hotspots in NYC?

I would say Bar Pitti, Miss Lilly’s and Russ & Daughters are three favorites!

Where are you traveling next for leisure? What do you plan to do there?

I’ll be heading off on a trip to Fiji and am excited to explore the islands and local culture.

Where is a place you haven’t been yet but are dying to go, and why?

Greece! Seriously putting that one out into the universe. It looks stunning and who doesn’t love Greek food!

Have you had any terrible travel experiences? 

Even if they seem terrible in the moment they usually all happen for a reason. For example, we missed our connecting flight on the way home from Morocco, which ended up stranding us in Dubai for 24 hours. Initially, I was stressed out about coming home late and missing work and such, but once I finally accepted that this was the situation we ended up having a really fun 24 hours in Dubai before traveling home.

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