Shopping with Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey

By Hilary Sheinbaum, Celebrity & Lifestyle Editor

Model Brooklyn Decker and former news anchor Whitney Casey are clearly fans of fashion. The two friends love clothing so much, they’ve started FINERY: the world’s first Wardrobe Operating System. The site not only saves users time picking out clothing on a daily basis, but they’re launching a “Trip” portion soon — to assist with travel packing.
Speaking of trips, the two entrepreneurs had just landed from San Fransisco when we met up with them one morning in Manhattan. And because both are incredibly fashion forward, the first thing on our minds was, of course, style. Read on for our exclusive chat with the boss ladies behind FINERY.

What’s the coolest clothing item you’ve purchased outside of the United States?

Brooklyn Decker: Whitney was in Mexico two years ago, and she was staying in a small village.
Whitney Casey: San Miguel.
BD: She was on the street, walking around, and someone was making these little linen shirts. She brought me one. I didn’t find it – she found it – and it’s still one of my favorite items from abroad, and a friend, because it was such an organic discovery.
WC: She likes the Isabel Marant sort of look.
BD: She thought of me, and I think of her every time I wear it.
WC: And I have the same shirt, but I accidentally shrunk it. But I keep it, because I love it! I can put it on [my dog] Cowboy now.

Are you guys light or heavy packers?

WC: Brooklyn’s light. I’m heavy. Even with Finery. I’m even more heavy because I make a ton of outfits now. I’m like, “Oh my god. Look at these shoes.” I’ll bring three pairs of shoes I really like if I go from day-to-night. Brooklyn can roll with one bag.
BD: That’s because I borrow her stuff…
WC: Brooklyn will do some cool thing where she’ll roll up with one but it will look like a different outfit.

What are your carry-on essentials?

WC: Hair powder! Dry shampoo.

Where are your favorite places to shop in New York?

BD: I haven’t been here in so long! I used to shop at Zoë when I was living in Dumbo. I’m in Austin now.
WC: I love Opening Ceremony, Reformation. Reformation was started by a woman — I love it. Outdoor Voices and Bandier.

What’s the oldest item in your closets?

WC: I have the outfit that I interviewed in for CNN. It’s a red Michael Kors shift dress with a jacket, and I felt so good in it. It’s red, I felt powerful, and I got the job at CNN. I just could not part with it. I even got buttons fixed. It has pants to it to. I haven’t worn it. I shortened it, thinking I’d wear over-the-knee boots with it.
BD: It’s not my item. It’s my husband’s grandmother’s little fur stole. I’m one who doesn’t wear fur, but I think it’s so beautiful and lovely. I have it hanging in my closet as this little piece of art because it’s his grandmother’s, and his mom chose to give it to me. She doesn’t have any daughters. It’s really special. I don’t know how old it is!
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