Travel Like Lady Gaga

We like her style. Her unpredictability. And her travel. Lady Gaga just ticks all the boxes. Being well-traveled is an occupational hazard when you perform all over the world. Whether she’s singing with Tony Bennett in New York, strolling the beaches of Cabo, or visiting her favorite places in France and Italy, this is where Lady Gaga can inspire you to travel this summer.


When Gaga is in Mexico, she and her posse always snag a private villa. While Cabo is known for the flashy resorts and clubs, Gaga chooses to spend her days in the sun enjoying the natural wonders of the area. And you should see her surf. She calls Cabo her “happy place,” and though it would be tough to catch a glimpse of her there, she has no problem posting her own beach pics. We don’t blame her. If we could pull it off, we’d be posting pics to Instagram in rhinestone bikinis, too.

Our Gaga Recommendation

For Lady Gaga’s future vacation, our recommendation hands down is Amanvari. Though the resort won’t open until 2023, it will be a stunner. The villas and residences are super private and smack dab on the Sea of Cortés.

Rome Trevi_0


Though Gaga frequents her fave spots like Cabo, she is not one to pass up a chance to explore or rediscover new places. Recently, when filming the new thriller House of Gucci, the star got a chance to stay in one of the greatest cities on earth for some time. But while the trip wasn’t all pleasure, she told reporters that she wasn’t going to miss this chance to explore the “real Rome.” Her top pick was the Pantheon, a must-see for anyone interested in history, architecture or fantastic feats of design.

Stay Like Lady Gaga

For a more celebrity-friendly Rome experience, Lady Gaga was rumored to hit up the new Pantheon Iconic Rome Hotel, which is like a five-star version of the famous temple. Built for “new gods,” the luxury hotel features a grand view of the real Pantheon, with all the black marble and arches. There’s also a special “sunset ritual” at the bar that will have you feeling divine and very Roman.

Our Gaga Recommendation

Gaga is all about privacy, so our recommendation would be Holy Deer. It’s a massive private palazzo in Rome and perhaps the most premium place to stay in the city.

New York Crowd

New York City

While most international borders remain closed, Gaga hasn’t been phased by the local travel requirements. Instead, she has amped up her travel game, making a low-key trip to NYC into her own personal fashion week. The Gucci character she plays has clearly inspired her. Despite the recent heat wave, she stepped out of the Plaza Hotel in four different haute couture looks in one day. Just one of the many reasons we love Gaga.

A native of NYC, Gaga knows her fave spots to hit up when in the city. In addition to the stunning hotel, she recently stopped by Ray’s for a casual slice. When doing NYC like Gaga, though, it’s fun to visit the spots that helped her get her big break. Back when she was an NYU student, she performed at The Bitter End and The Cutting Room. Definitely not suited to Gaga-level luxury now, but the spots do have a magic energy and radiate with fresh talent. Mostly, what we love about Gaga’s NYC is how she mixes high and low. We, too, want to wear our Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotti to Gray’s Papaya for a pre-Radio City hot dog.

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