Lake Como with George and Amal

Joelle Mentis, Writer

Fabulous, as a word, is completely overused, except when describing Mr. & Mrs. Clooney. These two are conquering the world, whether it’s through their humanitarian work or, literally, through their — you guessed it — fabulous vacations. Here’s where you too can vacation like George and Amal.


Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Humble brag, but we’re on the same page as these two. Our feature on Lake Como also includes this idyllic hotel, which is not for a regular crowd. It should say something that, after two years away from their exquisite home on the lago due to Covid, the Clooneys’ first stop for dinner was the restaurant at Tremezzo.

La Terrazza features famous Italian cuisine from Chef Gualtiero Marchesi, who has been crowned king of modern Italian cuisine. Dishes like gold-leafed saffron risotto are creative new classics that look pretty and taste delicious. And stunning wine pairings from the huge cellar complement the food and the ambiance.

The Clooneys arrived on a sleek, wooden speedboat, dressed to the nines, as one should when arriving at this restaurant. There they met Amal’s sister and mother, because the more that get to experience the place, the better. The on-the-water views and five-star service make it a bucket-list place to visit. Plus, if not them, the diners sitting in the booth across the way are going to be someone like the Clooneys.

Il Gatto Nero

The next place the couple visited once they arrived had to be Il Gatto Nero. This restaurant would be famous in its own right, but it doesn’t hurt that the Clooneys are regulars. George and Amal visit Il Gatto Nero on many evenings out during their trips, as it’s just 15 minutes from their villa.

Even if it weren’t practically in their backyard, we’re sure they would stop in anyway. The intimate dining rooms on the water have some of the best views on the lake. And due to the size, they can’t get crowded, so the ambiance is always peaceful. The vibe isn’t too fussy or formal, but the creative, fresh recipes that change daily are truly to savor. Even though it prides itself on a sophisticated casual attitude, its dinner and lunch guests are still A-listers.

Harry’s Bar

Usually a short wine list isn’t a good sign, but at Harry’s just one perfect red and one perfect white according to the season do it. Even though “bar” is in the title, people don’t come here for the alcohol. Rather, the perfect truffle pastas and delicious aperitivos are what give Harry’s its reputation.

Set right on the water with indoor and outdoor seating, this is an ideal place to laze away an afternoon. And all the hype brings Hollywood’s most elite to dine. Of course, George and Amal are regulars and have been coming for dinner when in town since they got together.

Alle Darsene di Loppia

With a home on Lake Como, no good restaurant along the water goes unvisited by George and Amal. And they just so happen to find the most quaint and quintessentially Italian restaurants to keep coming back to. No restaurant is sweeter than Alle Darsene di Loppia, which boasts stunning outdoor seating under a pergolato.

Views of the lake and impeccable service exude class and sophistication. And the Italian favorites on the menu like the truffle tartare and delectable panna cotta go down too easily. George and Amal seem to enjoy the spot for a nice, long evening meal, but there’s also an amazing lunch, while the pergolato keeps the beaming sun at bay.

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