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Joelle Mentis


Forget George (sort of). We didn’t know that someone could upstage him until he showed us Amal. George and Amal just do it up in style, whether they’re in Como or traveling the world. Here are some of their favorite places. Side note: For all successful women out there, this is proof there’s no need to settle.


Amal is a human-rights attorney, and rumor has it she has her sights set on a career in Washington. Whatever their political future may bring, the duo are no strangers to humanitarian aid, which (in their case) goes hand in hand with traveling. But to travel like George and Amal is not all fun and games. They often visit places in Africa where their foundation’s projects are. Adequate rest and rejuvenation are key. In the Seychelles, the pair accomplishes that by staying at the North Island, a Luxury Collection Resort. There, they enjoyed candlelit dinners on the beach, and an extended stay in one of the 11 secluded beachfront villas.

Cabo San Lucas

Amal and George could double-date with just about anyone, but it’s hard to top maybe their closest couple friends, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. Right after George popped the question and Amal said yes, they flew down to El Dorado to celebrate with their world famous supermodel friends. And it wouldn’t be the first or last time. The couples double-date in Mexico often, as George and Cindy owned neighboring villas in El Dorado. The two also are business partners in Casamigos Tequila, en enterprise that’s no doubt inspired by their love of Cabo.

Witnesses say George and Amal spent their first Christmastime vacation as anyone else would. They took turns taking a dip in the ocean, then dined at Sunset Monalisa, which offers fine Mediterranean cuisine. By the looks of it, they enjoyed their tailor-designed casas on the beach, but if we had to put them up, we would choose La Datcha. This $30-40,000-a-night villa is ultra-luxurious and private; put it one your list if you’d like to travel like George and Amal.

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We had to mention the famous Alamuddin-Clooney wedding in Venice or else an article about George and Amal vacationing with extravagance would not be complete. For most people, putting up a few nights at the Aman Venice is a bucket list vacation accomplishment. When you travel like George and Amal, shutting down the hotel (and the rest of Venice) was part and parcel for a wedding suitable to their caliber. The $4.6 million affair included a 7K diamond ring commissioned by George, and a custom Oscar de la Renta dress for Amal, a boat load of white roses, and enough truffle tortellini to drown in. The real kicker was the 150 guests in attendance; most of whom were famous enough in their own right to shut down the city. All in all, the highest status wedding since William and Kate was a success, which in no doubt was a result in part of an incredible venue. The Aman on the canal is hard to justice to.

Honorary mention: Lake Como

It would be a crime to talk about the Clooneys on vacation and not mention their $8 Million villa on Lake Como. Especially since they offered to take guests there. A couple of years ago the Clooney Foundation for Justice offered up a raffle to win a paid vacation to the Clooney’s villa for a specialty meal with George and Amal. Villa Oleandra, the 25 room villa built in the 18th century is right next door to Richard Branson. There are several manicured gardens, and a separate pizza room in addition to the gym and tennis court. The villa is also right on the water and boasts several boats and water toys. Supposedly Clooney purchased the villa in 2002 when he realized that Lake Como life made him feel more at peace. We absolutely don’t blame him. If you visit Laglio, the town of his residence, you may also see George out on his vespa. Maybe one day the foundation will offer up another raffle.

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