The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Falling into Lake Como

One of the silver linings of a post-Covid world is that off season is the new in season. But then again Lake Como is, and always has been, a good idea — this fall especially. The hotels are staying open a few weeks more. The weather has been unseasonably warm and glorious. The lake, encircled by trees, is where to really leaf peep. And the food, shopping and culture are always good. Then there’s the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a bucket-list place to rest your head. And it’s at its best value this October.


The Grand Hotel Tremezzo

This is one of those recommendations, that is like shooting fish in a barrel.  The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is the rare family run hotel, that’s been in the family, for over 100 years.  You feel it the moment you arrive; there’s a special energy and hospitality that you just can’t create without the passion of an individual owner.  From the grand hotel entrance, to the service, food and exquisite rooms, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a must if you like Italy.  It’s easily one of the top hotels in the country.

Leaf Peep, from the Terrace

Yes, a drive during the fall is beautiful.  But what if you can roll out of bed, sit on the terrace, and take in autumn in all its splendor?  Well, that’s the deal at the Tremezzo.  You don’t have to go very far to take in the season.  If you do want to hop in the car, they have chauffeured rides by road and by boat to tour the incredible villas on the Lake.  You know, for when  you decide to buy your own next to George and Amal.

Value, Value, Value

No one who has ever stayed at the Tremezzo (or at least no one normal) has not felt it was the best money ever spent.  It’s serious coin, but the Tremezzo is that special.  This fall though until end of October, if you time it right, there are rates as low as 600 euro/night.  It doesn’t get you into the biggest suite, but it does get you on property.  Of course, there are some baller suites that get you into the 3200 euro/nightly and up range, should that be your preferred adventure.  But as we said, it’s the best money ever spent.

It’s Not Complicated

You have a weekend.  You may even have a week squirreled away.  You’re itching to travel.  Now is the time.  You get to Lake Como via Milan, which is about 1.5 hours away.  It’s even worth it to spend a night on the back end at the Four Seasons Milan, before you fly out.  We’ll hook  you up [email protected].  Just bring your toothbrush, though we can provide that too.


Q: When is the spa open? 

A: The T Spa is open from 9a.m.-8p.m. It offers skincare and massage treatments, access to an infinity pool, sauna time, and more.

Q: Where can one inquire about reservations? 

A: Contacts for reservations are listed below.

+39 0344 42491

[email protected]

Booking can also be made through the hotel website’s reservations page.

Q: What experiences does the hotel offer for those interested in Italian cuisine? 

A: Guests at The Grand Hotel Tremezzo can take cooking lessons, go on wine tastings, and visit nearby vineyards to experience Italian culture and cuisine.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo Information

Address: Via Antica Regina, 8, 22016 Tremezzina CO, Italy

Phone number:   +39 0344 42491


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