Passalacqua: A New Lake Como Hotel

Abbey Alexander

Passalacqua Lake Como Hotel

What happens when what’s arguably the most luxurious hotel in Italy’s Lake Como opens a sister property? High expectations, for sure. Passalacqua is the sibling of the famed Grand Hotel Tremezzo and, by all accounts so far, she’s the Pippa to Kate Middleton. Here’s a look at the buzziest opening this year on the Lake.


Once a historic private villa built in 1787 by the Odescalchi family of Como, Passalacqua certainly isn’t new. It’s been around awhile and has bounced between various owners for the past several decades. The property finally landed in the hands of Valentina De Santis and her family. De Santis calls opening the second property “the biggest project of my life so far,” and for that fact, Passalacqua can certainly be deemed a new kid on the block in Lake Como. Here’s why the property is so significant.

When the hoteliers behind the famed Grand Hotel Tremezzo acquired this estate, they saw it as a chance to return the villa back to its Italian heritage. In fact, they saw it as “a sacred honor,” and it shows. Each detail at Passalacqua acts as a smaller part of a harmonious collection, paying homage to the landscape that surrounds it. 


Passalacqua’s goal is to make you feel as if you’ve come home. That is, if your home was a 235-year-old sprawling estate set on Lake Como. You’ve come to the right place if you’re into comfort elevated to an art and wish to have a superb “villeggiatura” (a prolonged stay in the countryside). Here, guests can “shed the literal and figurative corsets of everyday life” and embrace the calming beauty of a lakeside villa. 


The 24-suite hotel has three distinctive residences to choose from. If you’re looking for a room that celebrates both history and convenience, consider booking one of the 12 suites in The Villa, located in the property’s main building. Here you can enjoy Italian baroque design as well as the music room where Vincenzo Bellini composed his operas. If a view of the water is what you’re after, opt for one of the Casa al Lago lakefront suites — own private garden included. Lastly, within the ancient stables resides the cozy and historical Plus Palazzo suite, adorned with 200-year-old wood beams and jewel-toned accents. 


There’s no shortage of ways to spend your time at Passalacqua. Stroll around the seven-acre property and you’ll find an abundance of beautiful foliage. Six terraced gardens overlook the lake, while the winter garden looks out on the panoramic swimming pool. Take in a view of the estate’s ancient olive grove while exercising in the al fresco gym or play a tennis match at the lakeside clay court. 

While Lake Como is there for your viewing pleasure, the team at Passalacqua also encourage guests to get their feet wet. A private pier houses two vintage boats, and a tunnel under the lakeside road provides access to the estate’s private marina. Don’t feel like walking back to your room? Don’t worry — the hotel shuttles guests up and down the property in a vintage Fiat convertible.


The art of doing nothing finds its peak in Passalacqua’s spa. Unique treatments draw inspiration from the lake, while relaxing architecture merges with the estate’s rich history. A secret staircase (yes, you read that right) leads spa-goers to a thermal area housed in 18th-century tunnels. If that’s not mysteriously impressive, the underground relaxation room also features a cave-turned-sauna and a steam room.


Here dining is a ritual. And the relationships are just as important as the food. Guests are invited to collaborate with the chefs not only on their desired dishes, but the location of the meal. Essentially, at the Villa, you’re the main character: Itching for a true Italian pasta-making session? What about a lakeside picnic? Whatever your dining fantasy may be, the culinary team is ready to make it happen. 

At the heart of each Passalacqua meal is the essence of Italian home cooking, focusing on seasonal ingredients. Chef Elio Sironi, the former head chef of Bulgari Hotels, has designed a collection of rotating menus, highlighting produce often harvested from the property’s own garden. 


Q: What amenities are included?

A: Guests at Passalacqua have full access to all facilities on the property. This includes the state of the art gym, spa, pool, gardens, private pier, and more. Daily complimentary breakfast is also included.

Q: Does the hotel have free Wi-Fi?

A: Yes, free Wi-Fi is available for hotel guests.

Q: How can I book a stay?

A: Drop us a line at [email protected], we’ll take care of it for you.

Passalacqua Information:

Address: Via Besana, 59, 22010 Moltrasio CO, Italy

Phone number: +39 031 44311

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