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Zoey Deutch

Joelle Mentis, Writer

Zoey Deutch

We’re dating ourselves, but we originally heard of Zoey Deutch because of her Back to the Future connection. Zoey’s the daughter of Lea Thompson, otherwise known as Marty McFly’s mom. But this up-and-comer proves she stands on her own, having crushed it in some major films this year. Also under her belt are these three top places to travel.

Zoey Deutch is kind of a silent killer. She’s been on the Disney Channel, in blockbuster movies like Before I Fall, and in Netflix hits like The Politician. She gets around Hollywood and she’s only 28. Maybe it’s her famous mom that has stoked the fire. It’s no secret that Zoey was brought up in the limelight. Regardless, one of her biggest accomplishments is her network. She has worked with everyone, from Emma Stone to Gwyneth Paltrow to Nicholas Braun to Dylan O’Brien. And her professional connections are matched by her friends, who are just as famous as she is. So when she travels, she brings an entourage. Here’s where you may run into them.

Fari Islands, the Maldives

Who are those famous friends we were talking about…? They are celebrity couple, Nina Dobrev of Vampire Diaries and Shaun White, who is, well, Shaun White. A celebrity friend group needs equal parts Hollywood actor and Olympian. Recently, Zoey took her famous friends on a vacay to the Maldives. The group visited Patina Hotels and Resorts on the Fari Islands. Basically, a vacation to the Maldives lets everyone know you’ve made it. And Patina Maldives is another level. The Patina opened in May 2021 on the somewhat newly developed archipelago.

The resort offers both beachfront and floating one-to-three bedroom villas. So Zoey and friends definitely slept in serenity and style. Each villa is unique, with an open plan and modern architecture. The idea is to create an inside-outside flow with large windows and sliding doors, as well as a patio space and private pool. Rain showers are another fun feature. Zoey and friends most likely enjoyed the resort’s wellness focus, too. Treatment suites include couple’s hammam beds as well as a room dedicated to the practice of Watsu — a form of hydrotherapy. (How could you not?) Other activities include wine tastings and playing Maldivian dodgeball at Veli Beach. Hopefully the athletes went easy on the rest. Regardless, they definitely enjoyed the beach, taking plenty of shots on the warm sand, per their Instagram.

The Fari islands are also home to the Ritz-Carlton and Fari Marina Village. The Marina is the social hub and probably where you’d find Zoey’s group coming together for some food and a cocktail at the end of the day.


Monte Carlo, Monaco

Zoey also loves the Grand Prix, a type of experience that a group of celebrity friends just has to have on their bucket list.

Monaco is a magical place to begin with. There’s the legendary 19th-century and royally-instituted Casino De Monte Carlo. There’s also the newly renovated Hotel De Paris, where the casino’s particularly well-off gamblers make their stay. And there are other worldly sites, like the Musée Océanographique de Monaco, the awe-inspiring clifftop museum dedicated to the riches of the sea.

It makes sense that a small island in the French Riviera that was effectively developed by European royals would be the site for Formula 1 racing. Zoey and company not only watched cars roll around a track. They also mingled with other A-list celebrities like Bella Hadid.

And then there are the parties — and the after parties. When the cars pull into the garage for the night, the attendees flock to yachts, hotels, and beach houses where music gets loud and champagne bottles pop. Amber Lounge at Le Meridien Plaza Beach Hotel throws a celebrity-heavy annual bash that most invitees attend. Zoey’s entourage definitely took the opportunity to vibe through the night with other notables.


Ischia, Italy

Needless to say, Zoey Deutch has good taste in travel. Mom, Lea Thompson, is into the culinary arts and seems to have passed that trait down to Zoey. This is most likely why Ischia, Italy, is on Zoey’s travel list. Interestingly, Zoey says she doesn’t actually prefer to go out for food. Instead, her mom raised her and sister, Madelyn, to value a home-cooked meal. As children, the girls ate with mom and dad at the dinner table — without their cellphones. These days, with her busy schedule, she feels less guilty for outsourcing the cooking.

In Ischia, she most likely hit Dani Maison, a Michelin-starred art-meets-food experience. The restaurant’s head chef, Nino Di Costanzo, brings creativity to familiar Ischian dishes.

In between food expeditions, her cohort frequented many of the beaches, which some say are the best in Italy. Not only do the white sand and clear waters rival Capri, but they’re relatively quiet — and lovely, with webs of bougainvillea, and lizards sunning on rocks. For those like Zoey who travel for excitement, mixing in a week in Ischia could be the perfect balance on this trifecta tour.

Patina Maldives Map:

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