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Gal Gadot

We have to hand it to Gal Gadot: She knows how to pick her projects. Not only are they big Hollywood blockbusters, they’re also set in some spectacular locales. Whether she’s navigating the Nile in a murder mystery, or saving the world in England and Italy in Wonder Woman (it was filmed in those countries), you’ll want to put Gal’s spots on your travel list.

A Villa Fit for Wonder Woman

Sometimes a really gorgeous setting for a movie can inspire you. You might even pull out your phone while you’re watching to look up where it was shot and how to get there. Lucky for you, Wonder Woman’s fictitious island of Themyscira has a real-life counterpart: Palinuro on Italy’s Cilento Coast. A lot of the film is set in the town of Ravello, which is home to Villa Cimbrone.

As a Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman fan, you probably know that Villa Cimbrone has a balcony where some of the scenes from the movie were filmed. Want to check out that balcony for yourself? More good news. Villa Cimbrone is also a luxury hotel dating back to the 12th century. The villa’s five generations of family ownership and the Michelin-starred Il Flauto di Pan make it a highlight of the otherwise quiet coast. It ought to be a destination on your European travel agenda.

An Egyptian Escape

Despite being mostly shot in England, Gadot’s latest film, Death on the Nile, takes place in Egypt. So we pulled our inspiration for your travel list from there. Many of the background and scenic shots featured in the movie were captured in real life. Then they were added to Gadot and her co-stars’ scenes. Good news is, you can actually visit these places. For instance, Aswan, Luxor, and Cairo are highlights in the movie. It’s where you can see some of the film’s original subjects, like the Great Temple at Abu Simbel. Dating back to the 13th century BCE, Ramses II carved the giant temple out of a mountain. The film shows this Egyptian landmark (and many more) using various visual effects.

A scene from Death on the Nile that takes place in an Egyptian market is most likely influenced by the Luxor markets. Also known as El Souk, the markets are famous for their luxury goods and endless rows of vendors. To get a sense of what it was like to be on the Nile (or the set of Gadot’s movie), you can visit the The Four Seasons Cairo and the First Nile Boat. This replica riverboat is docked across from the hotel and has restaurants and lounges that send you back in time.

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