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Jennifer Garner on Vacation

Joelle Mentis, Writer

Jennifer Garner

You loved her in Alias as an a– kicking spy. You’ve even signed a petition to get the reboot going. Then there’s 13 Going on 30, a classic. And there’s also her Instagram account, which just keeps it unglamorously real. The mad love for Jennifer Garner knows no bounds. But this lady needs a vacation. These are the spots she puts on her list.

Jen’s played many diverse characters in her career. And subsequently, she’s traveled to many different places. Jen travels also because of her charity work. Staying close to home isn’t a bad idea either, staycationing between Malibu and Tahoe. OK, maybe she’s a Cali girl at heart. But who can blame her with elite Soho House access and a gaggle of kids at home. However, we want to know what it’s really like for Jennifer Garner on vacation.

Lake Tahoe

There’s no better way to celebrate yourself than by taking a great vacation, especially when you can get out and enjoy nature. She may be a Hollywood star, but Jennifer Garner stays level-headed and committed to her values. She’s a passionate activist for issues from humanitarian aid to personal health. Time and time again, she’s proven that she doesn’t need a man. She needs a bike.

North America’s largest alpine lake, Lake Tahoe, has 72 miles of shoreline to pedal and pedal, and she did. On Instagram, she shared a lakeside selfie in a secure-looking helmet, with a background of gorgeous trees and water.

Unlike other celebs, Jen does not need to blast glamorous vacation pics on her Insta. If she did, Tahoe might not be the place. Her style is more rugged and outdoorsy. So, instead, she posted from Emerald Bay State Park looking fresh and active. In the fall, this park, on Tahoe’s South shore, offers quintessential fall views. Additionally, the best spots to stop and have a meal ooze comfort, such as Cornerstone Bakery, which has homemade buttermilk scones and apple galettes. Or they are scenic and Americana, like Christy Hill, with shore views and fresh, pan-roasted scallops. Clearly, classic and traditional was the vibe Jen was after.

And though Tahoe has a history of drawing a more adventurous crowd (Jen also went parasailing), the addition of The Ritz-Carlton Lake Tahoe, and the newly opened Edgewood villas, make it possible to do the Lake in an upscale way. If we had to put Jen up ourselves, it would be at Edgewood. Modern luxury lakefront villas of between two and four bedrooms provide private, forested accommodations. And Edgewood’s lake and wellness programming make it easy to relax and enjoy fun, spontaneous boating adventures.

Little Beach House, Malibu

Jen’s beauty advice is always the same. She once told her daughters: “Look in the mirror less, obsess less, and look at the rest of the world to see what you could be using your time for instead.” These days, being a mother of teenage girls can be difficult. Most of the time you’re competing for attention with social media. Jen cautions against obsessing over messaging on social media and instead shows her daughters how to be strong and upstanding women.

And instead of investing in injectables, the star chooses the natural way to stay youthful: prioritizing relaxation. Her favorite way to do that? Hitting the beach — after lathering up on Neutrogena sunscreen, of course. From Malibu to Santa Barbara, she travels up and down the Cali coast to bask in perfect rays. This is Jennifer Garner on vacation.

One of her milestone birthdays took place at Little Beach House in Malibu. The Soho House property is members-only and private enough to be the spot to congregate with stars like Reese Witherspoon and her mom friends from her daughters’ schools. Little Beach House’s private beachfront spaces make it the perfect place to host an event.

No one goes to Malibu and feels worse after leaving. And though it’s close to home, it’s effortless travel for Jen. The 300 days of sun and year-round temperate conditions are a no-brainer for feeling relaxed and beautiful. Cali staycations? Certainly not a bad idea.

Traveling to Make a Difference

She may go to some glamorous places, but Jen travels to make a difference as well. It may not be Jennifer Garner on vacation, but as a board member and trustee of Save the Children, she’ll go anyplace for the nonprofit. When the Afghan government fell to the Taliban in September 2021, thousands of refugees made their way to the U.S. The stress of displacement and the level of crisis made it tough to process people. So the Save the Children center outside of Washington D.C. stepped in to ease the pressure, accepting displaced Afghanis who were evacuated from the country.

Jen visited the D.C. refugee center to oversee operations and engage with families. She brought art supplies and toys to kids. Jen believes in human rights and wants to make a difference where she can in the world. While she was there, she hugged children, greeted families, and listened to their stories. We knew she was beautiful and talented, but its especially nice to know that she’s aligned with us and the Galavante in the World Foundation on such an important issue.

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